Virginian-Pilot Guest Editorial Archive

This year, I have had the opportunity to present a Libertarian view on a number of issues as a Guest Editorial writer in the Virginian-Pilot. However, only those articles appearing after October, 2010, are available as links to the Pilot archives, so I am providing an alternate archive here.

August 1, 2010, on Police Militarization  If I Had a Hammer

Sept 5, 2010, on Victimless Crime Where Government Doesn’t Belong

October 3, 2010, on the futility of public transit, If Government Created Dinosaurs

November 10, 2010, On the Broken Window Fallacy, They Just Keep Breaking Windows

December 19, 2010, On Eminent Domain Abuse, Thuggery Masquerading as Redevelopment

January 23, 2011, On the adverse incentives of matching funding, Fishing in the Federal Pond

March 20, 2011, On free market health care reform, A Fresh Start for Health Care Reform

April 17, 2011, On abuse of environmental regulation, Thinking Libertarian on Earth Day

May 15, 2011,  On the concept  of embedded taxes, For  a Loaf of Bread, a Catalog of Taxes

June 12th, 2011, On the importance of wealth, Laborers to Bulldozers to Prosperity (The Parable of the Bulldozer)

July 17, 2011, On the inevitable corruption of big government,  Regulation Breeds Corruption

August 28, 2011, On the economic consequences of subsidy, Subsidy Insanity

October 16, 2011, On the loss of effectiveness of stimulus spending, Keynes, Keynesian Economics and a Dead Horse

January 1, 2012, On the masking of corruption with public purpose, Crony Socialism

April 1, 2012, My April Fools Day essay in the spirit of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal

August 12, 2012, On the positive effects of outsourcing, Making the Most of Our Talents

September 30, 2012, On the importance of the Eminent Domain Reform Amendment

December 9, 2012, On our unjust immigration policy Let Them In

February 10, 2013, On the decline of the middle class

April 7, 2013, On the benefits to the middle class of enacting the FairTax

September 15, 2013,  On the role of health insurance companies in controlling costs

March 23, 2014, On the continued abuse of the Tea Party by the GOP, The Battered Tea Party Syndrome

March 1, 2015, On the nature of the advancement of science, and climate, Settled Science
March 1, 2015, the same article with supporting links Settled Science with links

November 29, 2015, On the External Costs of the Menhaden fishery on other users of the Chesapeake Bay

2 Responses to Virginian-Pilot Guest Editorial Archive

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  2. Steele McGonegal says:

    I love your work. Re: Crony Socialism. What is so difficult for the voters/taxpayers to understand? Sunday, Aug 14, 2011, a wright
    up about the Tide Light Rail states “….operating costs for the first five years will be $14 million to $15 million….”. Then we are casually Informed that ridership fares will cover 8% to10% of that cost!! Norfolk is paying about 45% ($15 mil X .45 = $6,750,000, thank you Norfolk tax payers.). The other 45% will be covered by State and Federal operating assistance. Evidently, our dumbed down voters don’t understand that ALL GOVERNMENT financial assistance/grants (State, City, or Federal) come out of your pocket, my pocket and their pocket and the profits of industry. This money isn’t FREE. Even the Editor of the Va. Pilot was ecstatic that ridership was so good the first 2 months, that Norfolk’s share was ONLY $70,000 instead of the anticipated $145,000. If anyone can name a public/privet project that makes money, I will be amazed. Keep up the good work. Steele

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