Representing the Liberty Movement

We tend to be reactive, and Governor Northam has given us plenty to react to. First with his arrogant and gloating attack on the 2nd Amendment, and then with his heavy handed approach to precautions in the Coronavirus Pandemic. But if we reflexively do the opposite of everything he mandates, regardless of the underlying issue, he is controlling us just as much as if we submit.

I have been appalled to see our members appearing in public demonstrations and meetings not wearing face coverings. Regardless of how you feel about masks, you are making a statement when you refuse to wear one.

I really don’t want to get into a debate about the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. They are, in fact, the single most important thing you can do protect your fellow citizens, but even if they were not, that is the PUBLIC PERCEPTION. For a political organization, perception is reality.

So, you may think you are demonstrating your patriotism and resistance to big government, and your fellow Libertarian and Tea Party members may agree, but the 95% of the public who are not in our movement see that mass refusal as a disregard for the lives of their elderly loved ones.

We in the Liberty Movement have gained considerable respect in recent years, standing against eminent domain abuse, police excesses long before BLM, discrimination based on sexual orientation, and big government in general, but every time we have a rally with no one wearing a mask, that respect goes out the window, and we appear to the public to be selfish ideologues willing to sacrifice their grandma to make a political point.

When you appear in public as part of a rally for one of our organizations, you are the face of the Liberty Movement, and if that face isn’t covered, you are damaging our image in the eyes of those we must win over for Liberty to triumph.

So, wear a mask when publicly representing us, or please stay home. Your presence without a mask tells the public that we are selfish fanatics with no regard for the safety of others. Right or wrong, that is the public perception and we do not need to drive people into the arms of big government.

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