I have no problem with chaos. In fact, I kind of like it. This Forum is intended to be free form and regulated only by courtesy and respect. But WordPress and holders of Copyrights do not look at it that way, and some conventions are necessary to retain readability. So, some standards are in order:

  • Please use the WordPress editor to post here. Some other HTML editors insert huge amounts of formatting instruction.  Microsoft WORD in particular, adds as much as two characters of formatting for every character of content. If you use other HTML editors and then cut and paste to your post here, all that invisible formatting is carried with it and our bandwidth will be quickly consumed. If you must write in some other WP or HTML editor, then save your file as Text, open your file in Notepad,  and cut and paste cut and paste from there, then use the WordPress Editor to format it in place.
  • When you are formatting your article, write a short introductory paragraph and then insert the *more* tag before continuing the article, so that only the first paragraph appears on the front page of the blog. That allows a visitor to scan several of the more recent articles to see what we are talking about.
  • Do not post material from another source without attribution. Some people get very picky about their copyright and they have lawyers. I’d much rather have what our own authors think about an issue appear here than copies of others articles simply  repeated here anyway.
  • When posting material from another location, insert only a short paragraph and then a link to the original site along with the attribution. Click the the HTML editing tag to insert your link, then add the statement          target=”_blank”      between the end of the URL linked to and the name of the link so the reference will open in a new window and the reader will be returned to Tidewater Liberty after he reads the referenced article.”<a href=””>link</a>”  becomes “<a href=”; target=”_blank”>link</a>” as in the link above. If you have any problems making it work, just post your article and Email me about what you want and I will touch it up.
  • Do not place posts that say nothing in Tidewater Liberty and simply redirect the reader to some other blog. Such articles will vanish as soon as I see them.  This is intended as a discussion forum, not a new aggregator.

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