Tidewater Liberty, a Virtual Pub

The Ideas and Principles that gave rise to this country were born in discussions between gentlemen, often in pubs not far from here. Think of this forum as one of those pubs, where people of good will meet to discuss the affairs of government and culture, in the hopes of bringing light and improvement to those matters.

This Pub has few rules, Libertarians don’t much like rules. Conduct yourselves as though you were in an actual Colonial pub, where your table mates are gentlemen and ladies of education and reason, where they may have had a tankard or two of ale, and everyone there carries a pistol, and you should do fine.

There are regulars here, and they will open the topics, but all are welcome to comment.

If you make a fool of yourself with unreasoned and unsupported arguments, expect to be laughed at, if you do so repeatedly, expect to be ignored. There are ladies present, so if you post obscenities or insults, you will be thrown out in the street. Its MY pub, and I get to decide who to throw out.

Every good pub has a theme that attracts those who will be comfortable there. The theme here is Liberty, and the role of government in securing that Liberty through the rule of law. There are no ferns here, and political correctness is not enforced.

Welcome, and please join in the discussion.

Wm. Donald Tabor, Jr. DDS, Proprietor


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