The Attorney General’s Duty

February 2, 2014

The Tidewater Libertarian Party has released the following Statement on Attorney General Mark Herring’s decision to oppose, in Federal Court, the State’s Amendment refusing to recognize same-sex marriage.
The Tidewater Libertarian Party strongly opposed Virginia’s Amendment refusing to recognize same-sex marriage before it was ratified, and continues to advocate its repeal. Until that happens, it is the law in Virginia and an expression of the will of the people of the Commonwealth. If the Amendment were to be struck down as in conflict with the US Constitution, we would celebrate its fall. But until that happens, it remains Virginia’s law.

Mark Herring ran for and narrowly won the office of Attorney General, effectively, Virginia’s lawyer.  It is his duty to represent the will of the people of Virginia, even if he disagrees with their choice. Read the rest of this entry »