Livin’ in Obama’s Paradise

February 8, 2010

Audi\’s \”Green Police\” Super Bowl Commercial

When I saw this commercial, I didn’t think about buying an Audi. I thought this was a great illustration of the environmental left’s ideal society. It had everything our current adminstration could hope for:

  • 100% government surveillance of citizens
  • Punishment of those making choices distasteful to government
  • Picking and choosing the winners and losers 

Yup. Implementation of Big Brother under the guise of saving the world.

How many years until we see “Green Police” on our streets?

The question the media and politicians forget to ask

September 1, 2009

My boss has drilled a very important lesson into my head.

Whenever I come back from a sales call, a  meeting, a job site, the first thing he’ll ask is, “What did you learn?”

Whenever I screw something up, he won’t get mad. He’ll ask, “What’s the lesson here?”

I’d always be so focused on sorting out the details and plotting the way forward, it is easy to forget to look down deeper and find what that true lesson that each situation in life offers you.

I’ve seen countless articles and editorials about Delegate Phil Hamilton and his “scandal”. I’ve seen what he did and I’ve read how people are mad, but I haven’t seen anyone ask, “What did we learn”.

I’ve heard politicians cry for his resignations, but I haven’t heard any of them say “There is a lesson that we have learned. This is the way to address it.”

I think it is time to ask those questions and see if there is something to be learned here.

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Dispelling Libertarian Myths, Part II

March 17, 2008

This goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. These are my views. They do not represent libertarians as a whole.

In this second installment of the Libertarian Myths arc, I’d like to address some of the “problems” people see with libertarian philosophy. There are as many different intepretations of libertarianism as there are libertarians, but when we boil libertarians down to their base elements we should be able to agree on at least a few points. Namely:

1) Libertarians believe that government should stay out of the private lives of its citizens. Government ought to be small and ought to fill certain specific roles, as defined by that individual’s philosophy. I believe that the federal government should be performing the functions outlined in the Constitution, with other duties the responsibility of the states (and further defined by each state’s Constitution). While there are libertarians who are both “purer” (they do want to limit power beyond the limitations in the Constitution) and those who operate in greater shades of grey (they want to add some implied powers in with the explicit powers), the constant is that all libertarians believe in individual freedom over governmental control. Read the rest of this entry »