Tidewater LP Transportation Policy Recommendations

May 3, 2008

Statement of Principles:

  1. In line with longstanding tradition based on good government and sound economics, transportation infrastructure should be paid for through user fees rather than general taxation.
  2. Those user fees should be structured to fall on those who will most benefit from the projects
  3. Individual projects should stand on their own merit, and not be grouped in all-or-nothing plans.
  4. Regional taxing districts should only be formed by the consent of those affected through referendum.
  5. User fees should not be diverted to other purposes not directly linked to their collection. They should be held in trust protected by the State Constitution.

Policy Summary

The tradition in the Commonwealth of Virginia, based in justice and sound economics, was for roads to be paid for by user fees rather than general taxes on income or property. When general taxes are used for this infrastructure, economic distortion occurs by artificially subsidizing the economic choice to use those roads instead of other modes of transportation. Read the rest of this entry »