Windmills Kill Babies

January 13, 2010

Though the title of this article is utterly true, and I will prove it, this is not about windmills or carbon or even environmentalism, it is about the absolute refusal of politicians, pundits and even some scientists, to see beyond their good intentions and balance them against the certain, if unintended, adverse consequences of their policies.

We Libertarians bill ourselves as the “Party of Principle” and that is often seen as some sort of holier-than-thou arrogance, but in reality it is that we have learned that when we stray from the sound principles of Liberty and free markets, even when it looks like it is a good thing to make an exception ‘just this once,’ we invariably do more harm than good. So, we insist on adhering to those principles even when it would be easier to compromise. Read the rest of this entry »