Settled Science, with links

March 1, 2015

This is the version of the Guest Editorial in the Virginian Pilot today with hypertext links included.


It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, it doesn’t matter who said it. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”- Richard P. Feynman

It was settled science.

The consensus was nearly total, and those who questioned the consensus were shunned in academic institutions and even arrested and compelled to recant. To state that the Earth was not the center of the universe was heresy.

The consensus was wrong, and the evidence of its error had been known for over one thousand years when Galileo was Read the rest of this entry »

TLP General Meeting – Speaker George H. Mears on Climate Change

January 19, 2015

Have you heard both sides of the issue of Climate change? Probably not. For a skeptic’s view, come to the Tidewater Libertarian Party General Meeting Saturday morning February 7th, 2015.  Breakfast at 8:30, program begins at 9 AM.

George Mears is a local environmental engineer and project manager who lives in Suffolk and is employed by the Federal government. Attended U of Wisconsin, Madison, in the late 60s on and NROTC scholarship, graduating with a BS in Geology. While at UW, he studied Mid-­‐Atlantic Ridge and Arctic deep ocean cores as a research assistant analyzing temperature and salinity proxy data and magnetic orientation of core samples over tens of thousands of years. Flew over 5,800 flight hours in the Navy but over 1,000 as a pilot and Mission Commander during the late 70s in a squadron sponsored by the Naval Oceanographic Office that deployed with joint Navy & civilian science (Johns Hopkins, Scripps Institute, Woods Hole) crews to conduct worldwide ocean current, magnetic variation, Arctic & Antarctic ice and polar study and hurricane tracking and penetration missions.  Following the Navy, he completed a    Masters (Environmental Engineering, ODU, 1994) and has been employed since as an engineer and project manager performing environmental remediation, ocean, and civil engineering project work in both public sector A-­‐E and Government engineering organizations and for clients that have included DOD, municipalities, EPA, Fish & Wildlife, the National Park Service, NOAA, and NASA.

Upcoming TLP and VBTA event Oct 16

October 13, 2014

RandalO'TooleTownHallChange of location!!   The event will be at the same time, but has been relocated to the Virginia Beach Central Library Auditorium.


We’re Skeptics, not Deniers

April 21, 2014

Note: the following was submitted to the Virginian Pilot as a guest editorial. They chose not to print this one. It only guest editorial I have submitted that they chose not to run. I guess the debate is over at the Pilot.

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.” – Richard Feynman

NASA astronomer James Hansen first used the term ‘Deniers’ to describe those who questioned the orthodox view of global warming in 2006 in a transparent attempt to smear skeptics by associating them with Neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers, going so far as to suggest that scientists and officials who disagreed with the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming be tried in Nuremberg style trials for crimes against humanity. Such is the civility of the climate debate.

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A Libertarian Remembers Earth Day

April 22, 2010
Earth Day Poster

Earth Day Promotion 1970, Nicholls University

One of the difficulties for a Libertarian is resolving our distrust of regulations and regulatory agencies with good stewardship of our environment. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about the environment just like everyone else, we do. The photograph to the right is a promotional display for the very first Earth Day Teach In at Nicholls University in Thibodaux, LA, forty years ago today. I was the organizer, and I glued the cans on that display. We thought the world was on the brink of destruction then too. Then it was the Population Explosion and Chlorinated Hydrocarbon pesticides.  It was the year after the Cuyahoga River caught on fire. For those who are young, and only know the last 20 years, it is hard to imagine how bad it was then or to see how much progress has been made. Yet we are told the sky is still falling and only government can save us.

In general, Libertarians believe that voluntary transactions between individuals are best managed by the marketplace acting in accordance with the basic laws of economics. But when dealing with issues of the environment, there are two areas where market  economics fail to adequately address problems. These are the economic paradoxes of External Costs and the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ but we must find ways to resolve these issues without destroying our Liberty. Read the rest of this entry »

Livin’ in Obama’s Paradise

February 8, 2010

Audi\’s \”Green Police\” Super Bowl Commercial

When I saw this commercial, I didn’t think about buying an Audi. I thought this was a great illustration of the environmental left’s ideal society. It had everything our current adminstration could hope for:

  • 100% government surveillance of citizens
  • Punishment of those making choices distasteful to government
  • Picking and choosing the winners and losers 

Yup. Implementation of Big Brother under the guise of saving the world.

How many years until we see “Green Police” on our streets?

Windmills Kill Babies

January 13, 2010

Though the title of this article is utterly true, and I will prove it, this is not about windmills or carbon or even environmentalism, it is about the absolute refusal of politicians, pundits and even some scientists, to see beyond their good intentions and balance them against the certain, if unintended, adverse consequences of their policies.

We Libertarians bill ourselves as the “Party of Principle” and that is often seen as some sort of holier-than-thou arrogance, but in reality it is that we have learned that when we stray from the sound principles of Liberty and free markets, even when it looks like it is a good thing to make an exception ‘just this once,’ we invariably do more harm than good. So, we insist on adhering to those principles even when it would be easier to compromise. Read the rest of this entry »

Climategate in Plain Language

December 10, 2009

It has been nearly a month since we learned of a number of Emails between important contributors to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which reveal a conspiracy to defraud governments and the people on the nature, certainty and importance of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW,) that is human influence on the climate.

What little media coverage has been had has been superficial and inadequate in explaining what all this means, possibly because it is so arcane and complex that most people in the media are unable to grasp the significance.  So, I will attempt to bring some clarity and perspective to the issue here.

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Beating Trees into Hockey Sticks

November 29, 2009

Not that you would know it from the mainstream press, but the largest economic fraud in history, greatly dwarfing the housing bubble, has just been revealed.  The press on this side of the Atlantic is carefully avoiding it, but in Britain, where there is still a free press, Climategate is big news.  Thousands of Emails between prominent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change partisans were hacked from a university computer and posted online. They reveal a pervasive system of fraud, cover-ups, obstruction and conspiracy to conceal, and even destroy, contrary data, which has been held in secret for a decade.

Why would scientists do such a thing? Scientists have always enjoyed the trust of the public, but prior to the 1990’s, most people had only a vague idea of what a Climatologist was. They were the bottom of the academic totem pole, the guys who got wedgies from the Art History faculty.  Read the rest of this entry »

Rally at Sen. Webb’s Office asking him to Stop Both Cap & Trade and Socialized Medicine

July 19, 2009
Robert Deans true feelings on Cap & Trade

Robert Dean's true feelings on Cap & Trade

All photo credits – Petey Browder.

Robert Dean is again typically blunt and pulls no punches. He leaves no doubt as to his position on Cap and Trade. This is one of his finer qualities that makes him so unloved by “Big Government” socialist politicians and operatives.

I was originally told that this rally held in front of Sen. Webb’s office in Towne Center would be concerning Cap & Trade. Many were there for that issue, but many were also there asking Sen. Jim Webb to vote against Obama’s plan for socializing medicine as you will see from many photos after the fold.

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