The President’s True Heart

Journalists and Democrat apologists have rushed forward to defend President Obama’s Roanoke speech, claiming his words have been taken out of context. Well, I have read the whole speech, but you really have the hear it to gauge the President’s true contempt for entrepreneurs.
In a voice dripping with so much derision you can hear his sneer, he tells us that without the infrastructure, education and Rule of Law provided by the collective, they could not succeed. But those things are available to everyone, so why doesn’t everyone have a successful business if that’s all it takes?
He conveniently omits that it is that same small percentage of achievers who pay nearly all the taxes, who provide that infrastructure that is available to all, not the non-achievers to whom the President panders with assurances that they are responsible for the success of others even though they don’t even pay enough taxes to cover their own share of those costs.
Business owners take risks, and most of the time, they fail, and rise up again. They delay the good things in life their employees enjoy and work long after their employees are home with their families to make their payrolls even when they cannot pay themselves. Where was the collective then?
But he tells us that doesn’t matter, that because there is a road in front of our business, the collective is due a lion’s share of the proceeds of that business.
The President’s words and demeanor expose his true heart, and it is the heart of a bully caught stealing a weaker classmate’s lunch money, trying to rationalize his thievery to his toadies so they will feel no guilt as they plunder those who provide the goods and services on which they depend.

6 Responses to The President’s True Heart

  1. Evan says:

    Yes, it is the classic trait of bullies to ask that those who have the most and are the most powerful perhaps permit some of their wealth to go back into supporting the system that helped them become wealthy and powerful.

    Aside from that, you and the rest of those trying to make a mountain out of this molehill are off base. The speech the President delivered is the same one he’s given countless times before, and his mistake was that he mixed the order up this time. He simply made the uncontroversial statement that success occurs in a societal context – the things he was saying people didn’t build are the roads, bridges, and schools that businesses need to succeed.

    This kind of nonsense cheapens our politics. There are serious and legitimate disagreements between Romney and Obama. These disagreements could have a significant impact on our nation and our world. Why not actually have a conversation about the two candidates’ ideas, not some bizarre straw man version of each man.

  2. Don Tabor says:

    I’m always dismayed by the violence done to language by those who defend the indefensible.

    ” to ask that those who have the most and are the most powerful perhaps permit some of their wealth to go back ”

    The IRS does not ASK, it takes.

    And President Obama is not asking the achievers to permit anything, he’s asking the collective to give him the power to send the IRS to take the rightful earnings of business owners.

    Business owners don’t owe the collective anything. They paid for the infrastructure and the protections government provides. They earned their money providing us with goods and services we want and need for LESS then we otherwise could have obtained it. They have served the public already by operating their businesses. There is no added duty incurred by doing us good.

    Their wealth does not “go back” as they did not take it from anybody, they created wealth in the goods and services we purchased form them.

    In short, there is no excuse for President Obama’s demagoguery, he seeks to take business owners rightful earnings simply because he can, and that very much is the mark of a bully.

  3. I agree with you, Mr. Tabor. It is not the non-taxpayers, nor the food stamp and welfare recipients who pay for infrastructure. It is businesses and their employees. The business earns the income with which to pay the employee who pays taxes supporting the infrastructure. The company already plowed back (if we are to call it that) money by paying employees a reasonable and competitive wage.

    One could add government employees as non-supporters of the infrastructure since their income comes from taxpayers in the private sector. It is the private sector that pays for everything.

    A business owner and investors in business are already taxed twice: once as a corporate entity and again as an investor receiving dividends. The same money risks being taxed a third time when left in a large enough estate. But, to jealous and wealth envying liberals, it is not enough. Most people in the country already have a 100% tax cut, naturally, tax cuts are for people who pay taxes and not the non-taxpayers. I estimate that only 25% of Americans pay income taxes (consider the elderly on Social Security, the youth, the workers on disability, the unemployed, the handicapped, the illegal aliens, those who work for cash only, drug pushers).

  4. Evan says:

    “Business owners don’t owe the collective anything. They paid for the infrastructure and the protections government provides.”

    What does that mean? Do you believe that there should only be income taxes? What about sales tax? I mean, the money people are using to purchase those goods has already been subject to income taxes. What about property taxes? You presumably bought your property with earned income. Your argument that income is taxed and therefore businesses shouldn’t be taxed is bogus.

    People, throughout the history of our nation have paid for the infrastructure necessary to sustain modern society and business through taxes, which are presently at essentially their lowest levels in modern history.

    Moreover, the President moving the tax rate on dollars earned above $250,000 from 34% to 39% is a minor technical adjustment that will still leave income and investment taxes significantly below the levels they were under Clinton or Reagan.

    As for Warren’s argument, it’s similarly misinformed and poorly reasoned. Everyone in this nation pays taxes to their local, state and federal government. Everyone. That the taxes aren’t federal income taxes matters to no one but ideologues. The average taxpayer probably doesn’t care what particular line in the code causes his or her taxation, only that the government took money out of their wallet. People pay social security, medicare, property, sales, income, and excise taxes on a routine basis. Each of us pays a different amount of each of these taxes, but everyone is paying into the system and when you work it out it’s pretty darn close to a flat tax of around 30%

    • Don Tabor says:


      The point is that business owners already pay for more than their share of the legitimate functions of government. Thus, they do not owe the collective any more in return for the benefits those legitimate functions of government bring to them.

    • Yes, there are many kinds of taxes but all taxes paid comes from wages and salaries earned from business activity. Without businesses to ay wages and salaries, we start looking like Haiti.

      Besides, many people paying the kind of taxes you describe are paying with government handout. It is none other than Obama who reminded us that government mails about 73 million checks monthly..

      However, praise the Lord for all those other taxes. It is a way to get tax-subsidized welfare junkies to return a small share of taxes they collected.

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