Posing with Body Parts of a Failed Suicide Bomber

In general, I think we can all agree that disrespecting or defiling the dead, even in war is bad practice. Usually it is groups like Al Qaeda severing and displaying heads, or Iraqi goons stringing up and burning bodies. Sometimes our own soldiers end up doing something we won’t exactly be fast to celebrate even as we acknowledge that, “War is Hell”. We know our soldiers sent to war will often be made to risk their lives, or even make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Recently another incident came up. A suicide bomber evidently blew his body up and killed no other person. The best kind of “Suicide Bomber” if you ask me.

In a high profile incident, one might expect condemnation from the military, the Secretary of Defense, and maybe even the Commander in Chief. In fact, in this case, there was condemnation and the promise of an investigation. Actually, it was condemned as being “Inhuman”. Pretty strong stuff.


What often gets left out is, that it wasn’t just soldiers from the 82nd airborne division, but also members of the Afghan police. (mentioned in that 2nd link)

George Little, the Pentagon press secretary, earlier said the “inhuman conduct” would be held accountable, while Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary said the behaviour was “reprehensible”. -taken from the Telegraph article

The whistle-blowing soldier said those in the photographs had felt “satisfied” to discover Taliban killed by their own bombs, and the pictures were distributed among other servicemen. He told the Los Angeles Times: “Their buddies had been blown up by IEDs so they sort of just celebrated.” -taken from the Telegraph article

Forgive me if I fail to be shocked and disgusted. The thing is, it is hard to value the life of a suicide bomber. The bomber obviously doesn’t value it. The Afhgan police were on board with the photos. The bomber held his own life in so little regard, he used his own death to bring about the deaths of others. Giving the guy a little credit, at least this was an attempt at combat. How many times have we seen the ultimate cowards throw away their worthless lives just to slaughter civilians that had done nothing more than live their lives?

Excuse me if I refuse to condemn the soldiers personally for mocking the remains of a suicide bomber. Maybe potential suicide bombers need to see this and realize that those remains could one day be theirs.

What? We’re supposed to let them think blowing themselves apart is the largest glory they can have? Sounds like nice Psyops by showing them this, if you ask me. Why must war be hell only for us and a being served by virgins in a heaven for them?

It probably doesn’t sound very “libertarian” of me to be defending the guys our government refers to as being “inhuman”. I just can’t get over the idea that suicide bombers have so many defenders. They are the ones taking life and liberty from countless non-combatants.


2 Responses to Posing with Body Parts of a Failed Suicide Bomber

  1. Why are we surprised? Our new generations are raised on a steady diet of the morbid, gruesome. Television series of zombie killings. Murder and violence is prevalence in so many forms of entertainment. Our young are desensitize to the macabre. So, why are we surprised?

  2. Britt Howard says:

    Warren, I don’t think TV even remotely desensitizes anyone to violence and killing they way sending them to war and making that their daily job.

    Having to shoot somebody everal times and watching your fellow soldier get blown up with and IED……Now THAT will desensitize you when it comes to killing people.

    Personally, I think we should have left a long time ago. When does the revenge war on Afghanistan end? Never? I blame that on the commanders in chief and Congress, not our soldiers.

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