Political Super Fans

When I meet people, I like to ask the about their political beliefs without sharing mine. I probe their convictions with questions to try to understand their point of view. I have found talking to most people about politics is like talking to Bill Swerkski about sports. Of course Jordan is going to average 100 points per game and Da’ Bears are going to 8-peat as Super Bowl Champs. Who would win in a battle between a hurricane and Coach Ditka?? Ditka! No amount of evidence will make him consider otherwise. Individuals root for their team which can do no wrong and that they will support with their dying breath.

Look at all the Redskin fans here in Virginia or all the Raider fans in my native Northern California. It doesn’t matter what idiotic moves their front offices make, you’ll just hold out hope that a new coach or touted draft pick will turn around an otherwise bad and underperforming team. Support will not waiver. Works the same for the Republican and Democratic parties. At least with elected officials (unlike Dan Snyder and Al Davis), you get a chance to fire them, which may feel good but has done nothing to improve the team. They are replaced with a clone.

So your team is bad? You can’t root for the other team. There is too much hatred towards the rivals, whether is it justifiable or not. Jerry Jones could cure cancer, establish world peace, and feed every starving African baby and no self-respecting Redskin fan would like him. He could offer to cure a sick puppy for every Redskin fan who walks around wearing a Dallas hat and nobody would do it. Just like Republicans and Democrats.

Sports fans get all their information from completely biased team sites/blogs. And why not, as a fan you are not concerned with the other team’s perspective or some braoder view. All that matters is getting the win, just like with Republicans and Democrats.

It is time to stop treating political parties like sports teams. We need to be more focused on the political players instead of the jersey the political players wear.

With the major parties marching down a similar path to failure, it is time to start looking at the expansion teams.

3 Responses to Political Super Fans

  1. Britt Howard says:

    Nice post. I agree.

    The parties themselves exacerbate the problem by enforcing punitive measures for daring to support a third party. You lose your position and get ex-communicated. Especially in the GOP.

    More to your point though, it seems no scandal will shake some people. No skeleton in the closet or freedom abridging legislation can deter the excuses coming from these super fans.

  2. Just a reminder:

    The filing deadline for the SPECIAL ELECTION in the 91st District (Hampton-Poquoson-York), is January 21st at 5:00 PM.

    The election will be on March 8th.

    If you know of any Libertarian leaning candidates who live in the 91st, then pass along my email. I will be glad to help. Don has my email.

    This looks like a race where there may be 4 or 5 candidates, so a Libertarian or Constitution Party man, could actually win.

  3. Britt Howard says:

    I know there is 4-5 in the GOP nomination race. You really feel that many will be in the special election itself?

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