Pres. Obama = Pres. G.W.Bush + Political Steroids

I know…..I know………Bush & Obama are supposed to be different. Pres. Obama did after all, promise us change.

Well, we’re supposedly out of Iraq, but we are still losing people there. We’re still in Afghanistan and years away from leaving and then still losing lives anyway. Pres. Bush ushered in the Patriot Act……….Pres. Obama signed its extension. Oh sure, the Democrats called Bush a Nazi all day long, but as bad as things were after 9-11, we didn’t have the body scanners or TSA heavy petting techniques. Hmm……….who ordered those body scanners? It wasn’t George Hitler Bush, it was Obama.

Where are the hypocritical freedom loving Democrats now? So, Bush was the anti-christ for doing this stuff, but now that their guy is in office, suddenly hypocrisey is cool? 

Expose people to radiation and sexually assault them. Their privacy doesn’t matter. Just don’t ask for ID in Arizona if you have PROBABLE CAUSE to suspect they are here illegally. Then, they suddenly care about privacy………..*sigh*…..

Bush seemed unwilling to do a damn thing about illegal immigration. Maybe grant amnesty if he could have gotten away with it. Then those illegal people would just have been replaced with a new crop of illegal people for the Predatory Business Class to take advantage of. Obama……..more of the same. They’re not going to solve the root cause of the problem. Why would they? There are so many advantages to having people classified as illegal. It kinda replaces what we used to use racism for.

Brings me to the drug war……….Bush was a champion of the Drug War. Great for business & government. Confiscation of money, drugs and property was a plus. Putting certain people behind bars as convicted felons that can’t vote against you, that’s a good one too. An excuse for the government to get better ways to see through your walls, hear you from great distances, tap your phone, tap your cell phone, track your cell phone, and track your Onstar loaded vehicle gave them power and made tech companies rich. Good thing “Cash for Clunkers” came along thanks to Pres. Obama. Too many older cars that can’t be tracked by satelite were out there. Oh, I guess being “Green” was involved too. That and playing authoritarian with industry and the economy.

 Obama kinda seemed like he might be a little less of a “Drug Warrior”, but there has been no real…….change. All his promises just to end raids on medical marijuana in states where it is legal, have gone unkept. The big difference, the change if you will, is that Obama doesn’t trumpet or publicize the raids. Instead, the admisitration has been sealing records and and operating under the cover of darkness.

Bush – Bail outs           Obama – more, better, faster bail outs

Bush – Spending         Obama – Spending more & faster

Bush – grew govt.      Obama – Growing govt. faster and bigger

Really no change. No hope we can believe in. They really are the same except that President Obama is more efficient than even the wreckless Bush at bringing us to socialism and authoritarian intrusions into our lives.

How does Bush view Obama? Heck, he would have endorsed over McCain. See the link below:

I’m not saying that had anything to do with anything or that they are political dopplegangers, but it kinda looks fishy when Obama gives the elder Bush the Presidential medal of Freedom. (see link below)
Back to the TSA Body scanners. They work a little too well and prove the hidden Bush inside the Obama. Take a gander at the following political cartoon. It just satires what we already knew all along.
Credit to Dan Lyons for finding many of the links I used here. I saw many on his Facebook page. Maybe we need him adding to this blog himself. 😉
Freedom is the solution – Britt Howard

One Response to Pres. Obama = Pres. G.W.Bush + Political Steroids

  1. Don Tabor says:

    Big government is big government, regardless of who is President. Maintaining an overreaching government so narrows the President’s choices that they all look a lot alike.

    Milton Friedman warned 50 years ago that you cannot have a great degree of personal liberty in the absence of economic liberty. The larger the welfare state grows, the more stake the State has in our personal choices. Hence the food police, smoking bans and, of course, the drug war. As our personal choices create more costs for others through the welfare system, the State moves to limit our choices.

    Democrats who believe they can use government to redistribute wealth and remain free will find themselves oppressing the very freedoms they demand of Republicans.

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