47 Years ago, “I have a Dream”.

Was reminded of this while visiting
Vivian Paige’s blog

-Britt howard

2 Responses to 47 Years ago, “I have a Dream”.

  1. If you take some time to review video and transcripts of his actual speeches, rather than these sterilized sound bites, you will begin to understand that, “Marchin’ Looten’ King, was no different than his racial extortionist proteges, Al “Tawana” Sharpton and Jesse “Shake-down” Jackson.

    It is disgusting to hear King’s reputation being burnished into legend, with each passing year. He was a racial extortionist and nothing more. Had it not been for the counsel of Dr. James Farmer, King would have taken a violent route similar to that planned by Malcolm X.

  2. Len Rothman says:

    And what, pray tell, was he trying to extort?

    The right to vote?

    The right to drink water from a fountain?

    The right to attend public schools that were paid by taxes?

    The right to a seat on a public bus?

    The right eat in a restaurant or sleep in a hotel?

    The African American citizens (most of whom had ancestors that have been in this country longer than many whites) fought in wars to defend our nation, but then had to be content with second class citizenship.

    They worked, paid taxes and raised families, yet were denied freedom of passage in the land they helped build.

    What would you have done had you been in their shoes?

    Sorry, but although King had flaws, like any other human being, his leadership and inspiration helped break down a system that was the shame of the civilized world.

    And he did so without violence.

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