Gov. Bob McDonnell on ABC – Give him credit!

This very nice video was put out by ReasonTV. Enjoy!

Give credit where credit is due. In the past, especially during his tenure as Virginia’s Att. General, I have been a strident critic of Bob McDonnell. I have said that he is not a fiscal conservative, doubted his willingness to to fight for the property rights of Virginians, and even refered to him as “Taliban Bob”. I THOUGHT  I knew how Gov. McDonnell would govern. So far, I have been greatly mistaken. Governor McDonnell has done a pretty darn good job and I am happy to admit that my assessment has been in error thus far. The governor has performed for the most part, as a fiscal conservative and been a positive for Virginia during a rough economic time.

Even though I have high standards, I don’t expect perfection from any person in office. We don’t get perfection from McDonnell, but we have  been treated to a very good performance to this point. I hope for more of the same.

 I’d like to quote what I saw in the Virginian-Pilot when they reported of his acceptance speech upon winning the governor’s race.

McDonnell, a former attorney general and state delegate from Virginia Beach, thanked those who supported him and offered an olive branch to those who didn’t.

“For those of you who did not support me, I say to you, give me a chance to earn your trust and work with you for the betterment of the commonwealth of Virginia,” he said.

You have had your chance Mr. Governor, and you have earned some trust and respect. I do believe you have done a good job thus far. Your position on ABC is just another example of why credit must be given. If you continue down this path, Virginia will be the better for it.

– Britt Howard


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