Minister Whitaker endorses James Quigley

I just received the endorsement the Newport News activist, Minister Darrel Whitaker. He was kind enough to send a copy of an e-mail about me that was sent to his readers and I have his permission to post it here:

After talking to Mr. Quigley about a Felon’s right to vote and the eighth amendment, I met with him and some of the members of the Libertarian Party. I was curious about other rights of citizens being perverted. The meeting was extremely informative. I found that the Libertarian Party is the only Party that is for change, but not the change I expected. This was really not a change to something new, but a change to something old: the original interpretation of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States of America.

These documents have been the cornerstone of this country’s belief in its freedom. Sadly these documents have also been the most distorted and perverted of this country’s history. Through their political appointments of Supreme Court, state and local judges, and the abuse of their powers on every level, politicians have betrayed the public trust.

The evidence is quite clear to those of sound mind and knowledge of the history and intent of the Constitution and Declaration.

This Government has become exactly what the framers of these documents were freeing themselves from in the first place when they inserted safe guards to insure government’s control by the people. The Bill of Rights for instance, has been interpreted as rights controlled by the government, rather than rights to be protected by the Government. They have turned a nightmare into the unalienable rights mentioned in The Declaration of Independence: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This Government has seized power; complete power over our lives. Our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has become their choice, not their responsibility.

The Libertarian Party, in my opinion, represents a more citizen-oriented Government. It pushes for the choice of what kind of life we may live, while protecting our liberty in our pursuit of happiness. It is the only Party advocating the return of the government to the people. If you are poor, it is the best chance for you to rely on your own ability to navigate your own life, as you attempt and begin your climb to a better life for your family. If you are middle class it will help to make your climb more solid, as you build family wealth for the next generation and know that the government can’t just take it from you. If you are rich through your own hard work, well the sky is the limit.

I strongly recommend that poor people and people of color take a closer look at the Libertarians. As a matter of fact, everyone should take a closer look at the Libertarian Party.

– Minister Darrel C. Whitaker


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