James Quigley on the Healthcare Bill

Nicole and I did something unusual and dropped in on an Organization for America meeting last night. We thought it would be a good opportunity for us to hear the talking points for the supporters of the healthcare bill since they are pushing once more for its passage. The current Democratic incumbent for Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District showed to speak and said the following:

1.) That if the public option was not included in the bill they would soon attempt to vote for, that it would be introduced later in another bill.
2.) That the public option was to be put into place in order to break the power that the insurance industries currently possess, in order to bring down costs.
3.) That the public option would not be a government takeover of healthcare since it would instead allow a mechanism called the Exchange where several picked insurance companies would sell cheaper healthcare in a government-regulated market.
4.) That everyone will be put under healthcare. If an insurance company is too expensive, an American can opt to instead fall under a cheaper system provided by the Exchange.
5.) That the Democrats would not support allowing insurance companies to sell insurance policies across state borders because the Democrats say there would not be a cost reduction for coverage by doing so.

The audience applauded the speaker at the end of his speech. It was amazing to hear so many of my fellow Americans give praise to a proposal that would further place them into bondage. This bill is intended to strengthen the hold of a select few well-connected health insurance companies at the expense of the American citizen and smaller insurance companies that cannot afford lobbyists or large campaign contributions. Those in the government will have strengthened control over our lives while the insurance companies that are part of the cartel will profit from the destruction of the competition.

Let me break down what is really going on:

1.) The bill is not perfect because it has exploitable loopholes and also graft to buy support, but the supporters in Congress will try to pass it now and fix it later. This reminds me of the Federal Reserve Act which was supposedly written to regulate our financial banking industry, but which was ‘fixed’ later in order to strengthen a shared monopoly, also known as a cartel, against its competitors.
2.) The cartel of insurance companies will be strengthened and subsidized, which will destroy their competition. Any insurance company not able to buy their way into this program will be made an example.
3.) This government sanctioned cartel will work under a system named the Exchange. This will be a private corporation working alongside the government in a similar fashion of the Federal Reserve System.
4.) The citizens will be coerced or mandated to be placed under the Exchange. The Exchange will use its relationship with the government to undersell its competitors.
5.) Only the Exchange will be able to sell policies across borders because of its relationship with the government. All other insurance companies not part of the government-sponsored system will be denied access to do the same. Vive le Exchange! Vive le Roi!

Our government has decided to sell the American citizens to the corporate interests for greater power over our lives, bribes through campaign donations, and behind the scene benefits.

When elected to Congress I will vote down such proposals. When elected to Congress after this passes, I will undo as much of the damage as I am able in order to restore the LIBERTY of our citizens. Our issues of healthcare stem from the rationing and shared monopoly of a few special interest groups. Costs are high because demand is high while we maintain a low supply of necessary goods and services. We need to find ways to increase the amount of pharmaceuticals, doctors, and medical equipment to support our demand via a more competitive market. If the proposed healthcare bill is passed into law, or if our current broken medical system is allowed to continue without reform; then the government and politically connected profit and the American citizen loses. AGAIN.

James Quigley, Libertarian, Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District


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