Summit Meeting (Small Govt./Individual Liberty Organizations)

Tidewater Libertarian Chair Robert Dean addressing summit gathering

Tidewater Libertarian Chair, Robert Dean, addressing summit of small govt. & liberty organizations

 On Saturday, February 6th, the Tidewater Libertarian Party hosted a Summit for other organizations that focus on small government, fiscal restraint, and individual liberties. The purpose is to network and synergistically pool resources to reach common objectives.

 The following groups were represented:

  • HR 9-12
  • Tax Payer Alliances from at least 3 cities
  • The Constitution Party
  • The Tidewater Libertarian Party
  • Hampton Roads Tea Party
  • The New Republic Patriots

(other groups also had a representative and will be added later)

Candidates running for office, current and past office holders also were present. Most of them spoke to the gathering. The last crowd size number I recieved was at 125 people. Fairly tight for our usual meeting place, Atlanta Bread Company on Phoneix Dr. in Virginia Beach.

More photos and commentary after the fold.

Still shot credits:Petey Browder
Candidates Ben Loyolla and Ed Maulbeck also spoke, but we don’t have pictures. One might have Ed in it partly cut off. Also, many representatives from various organizations are not shown.

Speaker for the Constitution party speaking. Under signs is Kenny Golden with Scott Taylor far in back.

Councilman Bill DeSteph speaking about local issues

Cary Nunnally squeezes between a Tea Party camera man and a Randy Forbes rep. Coby, candidate 3rd Dist. to right of camera. Chuck Smith - far left. (not pictured, Britt Howard, the other video camera guy. 😛 )

Tricia Stall speaking from left. (partly cut off.....sorry folks)

Kristen Cooper of Hampton Roads 9-12(the 912 project of VA) speaking to the summit gathering.

Article by: Britt Howard


One Response to Summit Meeting (Small Govt./Individual Liberty Organizations)

  1. What we have been viewing for a long time now that the leaders of the political parties have lost associations with the Public. The leaders we have now pronounce pick a position. I don’t want to pick one side or other. I would preferably pick a person that trusts in the comparable values that I believe in and I truly don’t give a flying **** what political party he/she belongs to. If it doesn’t fit don’t buy it. That’s as elementary as can be.

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