Happy Birthday to Ronald Reagan and to me.

Happy Birthday President Reagan. Thank you for standing as a fine example and allowing us to be unapologetically proud to be Americans again.

Yea, some of my Democrat pals…….and some Libertarian ones even, won’t appreciate Reagan’s time in office as I do. It isn’t just the fact that Ronald Reagan and I both share February 6th for our birthdays. I do see him as the finest president in my lifetime and a great conservative.

For those Reagan fans out there, I’d encourage you to watch some of his fine speeches on youtube or other places. It will bring back memories, reinforce what you remember to be true, and bring back some of those proud moments of the past.

Those that don’t like Reagan, well…….this post isn’t for you. I’m proud to share my birthday with him, so we can just leave it at that.

– Britt Howard


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