Cuccinelli/Cavuto – Forced Health Insurance Coverage to be Illegal in Virginia

Ken Cuccinelli, you are truly awesome! Already, you do Virginia and America proud! Between catching the Melendez loophole and this, Cuccinelli is just several steps above other elected officials. Also, a big thank you to everyone in the Va. GA that are making this step for freedom possible. – Britt Howard

4 Responses to Cuccinelli/Cavuto – Forced Health Insurance Coverage to be Illegal in Virginia

  1. This may be a surprise, but many Virginia Democrats think the current health care bill is a real stinker.

    One part that has been difficult to fathom is that the Senate bill comes with a price tag of about eighty-four billion dollars. If they just added those supposed thirty million uninsured to a standard Tricare or other government health program, the figure comes to $3.4 billion; so why is the Senate bill so expensive and, of course why the fines for refusing to join? The Senate clearly needs to go back to the drawing board, or table the issue until the citizens actually ask for action on this issue.

    First District Senator, John Miller, is one of the Democrats who voted for the Health Care Freedom Act.
    Senator Miller has turned out to be a truly great Senator and is showing early signs as having the potential to become the next Democratic Governor of Virginia. Citizens of every political stripe will be well served if Senator Miller decides to seek statewide office.

  2. William Taylor says:

    Forget Miller…I want to see Ken Cuccinlli run for Governor!

    He is the best, most honorable person I know holding elected office. He understands our rights and is willing to fight to protect them.

  3. I have MS and I do have medical insurance cover. My husband and I are having to pay nearly $700.00 a mouth. Considering about altering to a thing less expensive. I have not found any insurance corporation that may take me. So I used to be excited to uncover Cinergy.Now what I read is scaring me. Has anyone had a great encounter with this corporation?

  4. Robert Lawson says:

    Cuccinelli for Governor would be a disaster for liberty in Virginia. As Attorney General he is already actively going after abortion rights and encouraging government discrimination against the GLBT community. As bad as McDonnell is on social issues, we can only expect the trend of pulling Virginia backward to be expedited if Cuccinelli is given free reign as Governor.

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