Va. Beach – This Town Needs an Enema!

Va. Beach needs an enema.

This town needs an enema!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a Joke!

Kids this weekend were shut off from a tradition I enjoyed for so many years growing up in Va. Beach.

Kids shut out of local tradition!

Va. Beach needs an enema!
Closed – No kids sliding on Mt. Trashmore!!

Sliding or just rolling down a snowy Mt. Trashmore made for memories. Memories our children won’t share. The city has plenty of employees to man the blockades to make sure the citizens that paid for  Mt. Trashmore park, can’t use it.

Additionally, our uptight city management and council has already taken every imaginable fun and independence out of Independence Day. Fireworks and firecrackers are illegal in Virginia Beach. This past year even sparklers were made illegal!

Thanks for protecting us from ourselves City manager Spore and Council! Thanks for nothing!!

In their attempt to turn Virginia Beach residents into helpless children and wards of the state, city council and management forgot this is America! They forgot what freedom and independence is all about.  Just as there WERE fireworks set off by many VB residents, the closing of Mt. Trashmore did nothing, but move the location.

Want to see what VB residents did instead of sliding down Mt.Trashmore? There were many alternatives. Some of them far more dangerous. Some involved crossing dangerous traffic traversing icy roads!

This town needs an enema!

Slope near interchanges of Ferrell Pkwy,Salem, & Pa. Rd.

Braving traffic on icy roads!

Princess Anne Rd.

Independence Blvd. near Indian River Rd.

Independence Blvd. ......Independence, a word with meaning

So, do our patronizing “representatives” on city council see what little is accomplished? Do they realize that outlawing such things only leads to training the citizenry to have disdain for the rule of law?

Call up your city council or email them! Tell them to butt out, or kiss your “Red, White, and Blue”!

Your council and city management contact info.


2 Responses to Va. Beach – This Town Needs an Enema!

  1. Jerry Maloney says:

    Had figured those tools would close it down. Sad.


    solve that,dont vote for them next term

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