VA Governor Race, No Choice For Liberty.

Let’s face it.

Come election time, we are not given many choices. This is by design, this is the way the powers that be like it. The less competition they face, the more likely we will side with the lesser evil.

I’m trying to figure out which one that is, and it is not easy.

There is no good Governor choice for a freedom loving individual.

Deeds has voted for a long list of taxes in the past few years. He voted to increase the gas tax, he voted to increase the retail sales tax 10% in Hampton Roads, he voted to increase the tax on hotel rates (very bad for VB), he voted to increase taxes on the sale of motor vehicles, ect. This is just a sampling of his record over the last 2 years he has been in the Senate. I have a lot of trouble supporting a man who never saw a tax he didn’t support. I can not support someone who jeopardizes my economic freedom by forcibly confiscating my earnings.

Deeds has voted to restrict the use of land that contains many of Virginia’s natural resources, which will continue to choke our economy going forward. He also opposes parents having a choice in which school their child will attend. These are things I simply can not support.

McDonnell hasn’t supported as many taxes (yet) as Deeds, but McDonnell does seem hell bent on transforming Virginia into a police state. He speaks of numerous task forces to “crack down” on any behavior he believes to be illicit. He is looking to accelerate the failed “war on drugs” and wants to target those who seek to use marijuana for medicinal uses. These tasks forces will are not free, so he will need to raise revenue somehow. Flooding our streets with police agents who are told they are fighting a war and armed accordingly, will gradually have us all being treated as criminals. I can not support someone who jeopardizes my personal freedom through martial law.

I respect McDonnell for his strong Christian beliefs. I share many of those same beliefs. However, I can not support his attempts to pass legislation that who force others to conform to those same beliefs. They are for the church and for the home, not the legislature, not for the law books.

Both candidates have no interest in granting equal rights to homosexuals. They both voted to keep same sex marriage illegal in Virginia.

The only thing I like is they both have supported gun rights. The VCDL endorsed Bob McDonnell, saying Deeds did not respond to their survey. The VCDL is non-partisan and does endorse Democrats and Libertarians. In the past VCDL has granted higher ratings to Deeds than McDonnell, but they both have traditionally ranked high. Deeds has backed off of his traditional support of gun rights, I am assuming to appease the Socialist leaders of the national democratic party. The NRA has Deeds rated as an A and McDonnell an A-.  The NRA will always endorse the Republican candidate regardless of their past record.

 I still don’t know what I’m going to do on election day. I find myself unable to support either candidate.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we hade 20 or some individuals to choose from? Or at least one who stood for freedom, not government expansion.


8 Responses to VA Governor Race, No Choice For Liberty.

  1. vjp says:

    He also opposes parents having a choice in which school their child will attend.

    Except that’s not quite true, as Deeds supports charter schools, just as McDonnell does. See here.

    • Rich Roberts says:

      Thanks for the link Vivian. I had also read Deed’s position paper in this morning’s Pilot where he states his support for charter schools.
      I do know he has voted against them at least twice, but that is going back a ways. He also opposed a bill (I think in 2004) which would have eased restrictions on parents who wish to homeschool their children. So for now I will still believe he does not support school choice. I know people can change thier minds on things, but I prefer to wait until they prove it rather than take their word for it.
      (same goes for McDonnell)

  2. Dale says:

    VCDL does not endorse any candidates and is totally non-partisan. The surveys that are often quoted are a function of VCDL-PAC

    • Rich Roberts says:

      Sorry for the confusion.
      I took my information from the VCDL blog, which I read on a regular basis.
      At least both candidates have a long history of supprrting gun rights.

  3. Helen Tabor says:

    I truly believe that election ballots should include a “none of the above” selection!

    • john davis says:

      Both my father and I also wished for a “none of the above” option on ballots. And if “none of the above” obtained more votes, then no one was elected and we would would have to repeat the election. Maybe if candidates and political parties started seeing “none of the above” with a majority of the votes, we would have more qualified candidates or candidates and parties would address the issues rather than just spouting more mumbo-jumbo.

  4. Len Rothman says:

    Be careful what you wish for. 20 candidates are a distinct possibility in a parliamentary system with proportional representation, like Western Europe.

    Although our constitution does not allow that form of governance, the distinct and highly partisan situation we have now seems to be failing us.

  5. John Wilburn says:

    Well, the election is over – so, we’ll soon be hearing, “Just wait ’till election day – we’ll vote the bums out!” again…

    When will we ever learn?

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