For what its worth

Below is the full text of a Letter to the Editor of the Virginian Pilot in response to their article on “real socialists” which they chose not to print.

Crushing the Human Spirit

The Socialists’ mantra of ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.’ sounds noble to the young and the naive of every generation, but while it works well for ants, it is contrary to the human spirit.

It does not take long for the industrious to see that their effort is not rewarded, nor for the slacker to see he can fair as well with no work at all. Force is required to confiscate the fruits of the labor of the industrious, and force is required to compel the slacker to contribute at all. Liberty and socialism cannot coexist, as the spirit of the individual must be subjugated to the collective by force. Government must be empowered to direct that force to replace the incentives of the voluntary free market. The resulting concentration of power in government draws the corrupt as surely as a rotting corpse draws flies.

Thus, every experiment with socialism in history has ended in corruption and oppression, and those with any knowledge of history can attest that socialism just does not work. But we err if we judge socialism to be evil because it does not work, as that keeps alive the belief that with more virtuous and inspirational leaders, this time socialism can be made to succeed.

Socialism is not evil because it fails, it fails because it is inherently evil.

Wm. Donald Tabor Jr., DDS


3 Responses to For what its worth

  1. Rich Roberts says:

    At least when they are confiscating the fruits of my labor, they reasure me they are doing it to benefit the greater good.

    I can’t figure out what this greater good is that is benefiting from the money being taken from me.

    I see more good being done when I do charity work and I see it being done with a lot less money than the amount that disapears from my commission statements each month.

    Something just doesn’t add up.

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