Why the DNP Can’t “Sell” Health Care Reform

It is not my intention to explain flaws in the plan or comment on specific details of the bill that I do not like.

For one, I have not read all of the esoteric document, and even if I had, I seriously doubt I could fully comprehend all of the moving pieces or anticipate all of the ramifications. I do not believe there is a person out there capable of doing so.

Besides, this isn’t why Democrats have not been able to “sell” the bill to the American people.

I was watching a television interview where Nancy Pelosi was discussing heath care. She, behind an big insincere smile, was big on promises, short on details. She deflected any challenge made by the interviewer (none of which wasn’t followed up on).

The main point that Speaker Pelosi was trying to drive home is that the democratic members of congress need to get out there and “sell, sell, sell”.

I was watching this with interest because everything she was doing and saying was exactly how NOT to sell. I will tell you why I don’t think they can.

You will never make a sell by going up to someone and making promises and listing all the things you can do for them.

Before you offer solutions you need to identify what their needs actually are. The only way to do that is to sit face to face with them and have a discussion. The larger the sale, the more this is critical. On the consumer level, selling a toaster, blender, or even a television, this is not critical. The dollar value is low, the risk is minimal, citing features and benefits upfront will probably win you some business. You can spark interest and people will go ahead on impulse. This will not work when the stakes are high.

I deal in sales that typically range between 100K and 1 mil. If I walk in to a business owner’s office and start making promises like the Dems are on health care, I will promptly be shown to the door. Why? Because I don’t know what their needs are. I don’t know what his problems are. I don’t know how sever his problems are. Maybe he doesn’t even know what his problems are, nor their severity. It is a salesman job to identify these things, not make promises.

And it doesn’t stop there. After figuring these things out and making the customer aware of them, then you can start talking solutions and you had better have evidence to support your claims. If you deflect on a tough question, be ready to be shown the door. You can not get angry and attempt to shut down resistance, you need to expect it and continue to work with individuals to find a solution that will benefit them and show how it will benefit them.

Nobody who had a part in drafting this bill has talked to me. They haven’t identified my needs, my problems. They haven’t shown me how they will solve those problems. So why should I buy into this?

Sign on the dotted line and we’ll discuss the details later is just not going to work.

This idea exposes another far reaching flaw in their whole premise.  (as well as a major flaw in our current system)

Every individual has a unique situation and needs. There is no policy or system that will work for everyone. I work for a large global corporation with over 150,000 employees. Since employers buy health care for their employees, my company searches each year for a policy 1) that will work best for them and 2) will serve the needs of the most people possible (theoretically). But you can imagine that 150,000 people is a very diverse group. If you charted the needs and the cost of each individual, it would be a widely varying scatter plot and the company will pick a plan based on the “best fit line”.  The delta for many people will be huge, others it will be small. Nobody will have a perfect plan for them. Now think about that same thing on a governmental scale. Instead of 150,000 people working at a company, we are doing the same thing on a scale of 300 million. The task is impossible.

One size does not fit all.


4 Responses to Why the DNP Can’t “Sell” Health Care Reform

  1. One size may not fit all but (aside from the folks in Congress who can seriously affect the health care industy) there’s not a health insurance plan today that benefits anyone but the wallets of the corporate elites.

    Even if you have a cadillac isurance plan if you should ever really need it it’s going to fail you if you don’t die quickly. (One “famous” example, is the actor Christopher Reeves had so much financial trouble and friends like Robin Williams stepped up to help him and his family.)

    With the greed of the health insurance industry the majority of those currently insured won’t be insured within 10 years.

    But the folks being paid and/or manipulated by the insurance industries astro turf organizations just don’t get it.

    More Americans die annally from not having access to health care than have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. The American people step up to give the troops what they need. Who is stepping up for the American people.

    I can tell you this…corporate interests, FAUX News, the corporate media, and Republicrats aren’t doing us right!!

    The Blue Dogs and the Republicans are promoting agendas that will be the death of many.

  2. Rich Roberts says:

    Starwomanspirit, I am very glad you posted your comments. It illistrates my point very well.

    Individuals are not the customer with regards to health care, businesses are. Therefore health care plans are tailoired for them, not for us.

    The health insurance industry can and does maniuplate and screw us. Why can they do this? Because of government intervention and regulation. These things prevent competition. This allows the influence pedalers of washington to do their thing. This is the root of the problem.

    You are obviously angry at the current situation. I do not blame you for that at all.

    To say it is simply the fault of republicans and blue dogs in inaccurate. It is the fault of government intervention. The Republicans are looking to keeo those levels where they are (which is the wrong thing to do) and the Liberals are looking to increase it (which is an even worse thing to do)

    Government officals can be and are just as greedy as any corporate execuative. At least if you fing that a company is corrupt and you have a free and competative market, you can take you business to one who is not.

    With government, you do not have such an option. You are at their mercy. You are not a customer, you are a servant.

  3. Francisca says:

    I allow you to read the article, I hope your article is useful for reading,keep posting,thanks.

  4. keithh41833 says:

    The main thing with this whole farce is that the U. S. Constitution doesn’t give the Congress the power to provide or be involved in healthcare. I don’t hear that argument very much. I guess nobody cares. As some have posted before, one persons requirement may not fit anothers. This pending legislation, which seems to change as much as the wind blows, seems to give congress title and complete ownership to ones body. I agree that having insurance companies wield the power that they do is frustrating, but giving that same power to Congress? That’s going from bad to worse. You can change insurance companies, but it’s a different ball game with congress. Things are like they are in congress because 524 members want it that way.(I excluded Ron Paul) It’s ashame that there isn’t as much anger and outrage expressed at town hall meetings that deal with the federal income tax and the tax code itself.

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