Health Care, Time to Choose

Liberty or socialism? Choose one.

If we choose to nationalize our health care, we have taken the fork in the road that leads inevitably to socialism, make no mistake in that. This post is intended to serve as a ‘Table of Contents’ for four previous articles on Health Care, which, because of the nature of Blogs and their being written over a period of about a month,have become scattered in the blog and appear out of their logical order.

This series is by far, the most timely I have written.

Health Care, a Broken Market – begins the series by separating the true cost of health care, which is really quite reasonable, from the hidden costs and market interferences which make these vital services appear unaffordable.

Health Care, Disconnection from the Market – deals primarily with health care insurance, which is very much unlike any other kind of insurance we buy, and explains why our current system of employer purchased insurance serves us so poorly and costs too much.

Health Care, the Road to Hell – explains the process by which government locked us in to an insurance scheme, which by its nature, does not serve its market, made it worse by trying to force that failed system to work with more regulation.

Health Care for a Free Country – offers a path back from the road to dependence on government and to the miracle of free markets, which have made everything else in our lives  affordable and available without our even seeing the process.

Too often, in opposing Socialized Medicine, we focus only on what is wrong with it, without offering an alternative path, or even questioning the path that brought us to the point of crisis. Finding the right path requires understanding where we are, how we got here, and how we can get back on the right path. Please feel free to offer your own insights.

But always remember that in our lifetimes, the free market, with no help from government, has accomplished such miracles as disposable cell phones with more computing power than the mainframe computers which were the pride of major research universities only thirty years ago. There is no reason we cannot enjoy such miracles in health care if we will just trust in the marketplace and set it free.


3 Responses to Health Care, Time to Choose

  1. KBCraig says:

    Thank you for this series. I’m going to post links in some of my favorite places.

  2. Wally says:

    I believe that this so called “reform” will have drastic effects in health care that will be administered. I can envision rationing based upon longevity, quality of life, and eventually medical professional shortages. Also, it is the equivalent of pronouncing genocide for the “baby boomer” generation.

  3. ktc2 says:

    Always cracks me up when people bitch about “socialism” on the health care issue when they stood silent during the trillions for billionaire bankers episode. Both are socialism of course, just shows where people’s heads are (usually up their ass).

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