Formal Sentencing for Ryan Frederick

Over the fifteen months since the tragic death of Det. Jarrod Shivers, while serving a search warrant at the home of Ryan Frederick, many questions regarding the means used in obtaining the warrant, the method chosen for serving the warrant and the time allowed for Frederick to respond before forcing entry, have gone unanswered. We were assured those answers would come out at trial, but they did not. On the contrary, all requests for explanations for the serving of warrant is such a confrontational and hazardous manner have been ignored.

So, on February 24th of this year, the Tidewater Libertarian Party asked the Chesapeake City Council for a citizen review of the procedures and policy involved. The City Manager was directed to confer with the City Attorney and report back to Council on the legality and form of such a review. This was not a complicated matter and there was no reason it could not have been accomplished in at most a couple of weeks, yet two full months have passed with no public reply.

We can only speculate on why this reply has been delayed, but we should take note that Judge Marjorie Arrington will pass sentence of Frederick on May 8th and after that point, information mitigating his culpability in Det. Shiver’s death will no longer be applicable in determining a just sentence. Could it be that the reply is being delayed BECAUSE such information might come forth in a citizen review?

We cannot know, but absent any reasonable explanation for the delay, I respectfully suggest that Judge Arrington, in considering her options in sentencing Frederick, do so under the presumption that information favorable to Frederick is still being withheld.

With such obvious unwillingness of the authorities to tell the simple truth to the citizens of Chesapeake, logic and justice require we assume the worst.


2 Responses to Formal Sentencing for Ryan Frederick

  1. ktc2 says:

    Logic & Justice?

    Those are two things that have been specifically removed from our legal system.

    At this point they’d be like kryptonite to our laws.

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