Reid Greenmun, Tidewater Libertarian Party Chairman

Reid Greenmun, Tidewater Libertarian Party Chairman

April 15th, 2009
Much has been said about the Tea Parties. The Tea Parties are non-partisan but, as you will see from the pictures, there was a definite Libertarian presence.

ALL Photo Credits: Robert K. Dean

Some critics think the Tea Parties have something to do with the last election. They don’t. They don’t protest the current president that has been in office a few months. It is a protest of taxes but, also a protest of the bailouts, out of control government growth, and federal spending that brings our debt to unsustainable levels. While unfortunately off to a fast start in surpassing big spending Bush, our current predicament can’t be solely blamed on President Obama. Bush and Congress also deserve the public’s wrath. Let’s hope our elected officials are paying attention while they try to paint Tea Party goers as extremeists, Obama haters, and racists. Let’s hope the critics realize soon that falsely branding concerned peacful citizens excercising their rights, just won’t work.

The youth will inherit our national debt.

The youth will inherit our national debt.

Cute and already learning about Ayn Rand?

Cute and already learning about Ayn Rand?



At the Fountain - Town Center - Va.Beach,VA.

At the Fountain - Town Center - Va.Beach,VA.

Crowd and speaker

Crowd and speaker

Thanks to all for what they do to preserve Liberty.
Freedom is the Solution,
Britt Howard –


4 Responses to Va.Beach TEA PARTY!

  1. Jason Call says:

    I’m so proud of the patriots that stood up to tryanny on tax day that I could burst.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. ktc2 says:

    It’s unfortunate that these events were very early on seized by the Fox News nutjobs. People like Hannity and Beck really discredit anything they associate themselves with.

  3. keithh41833 says:

    The VB Tea Parties should have been about the mere fact that you have to pay taxes to the feds and state on money you alone work for. You EXCHANGE time, labor, and talent for money to eat and put a roof over your head. Money doesn’t drop in your lap. Secondly, the fact that an entity representing the federal government can supoena your records without probable cause and without a warrant. Third, the tax code that reads the same backwards as well as forwards, that virtually no one understands, and can produce different results from different accounting firms with the same data. Taxes should be uniform across the board. As long as people keep electing politicians that use the tax code to buy votes, the protests will continue to fall on deaf ears.

  4. Trevor Davidoski says:

    Hello –

    I’m an Associate Producer on a documentary being produced by Jigsaw Productions. We would like to use one of the images from this post and are hoping you would grant us permission.

    Please feel free to email to discuss the details.

    Many thanks,

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