Ken Cuccinelli Fund Raiser –

Cuccinelli Fund Raiser - Peninsula Fine Arts Center

Cuccinelli Fund Raiser - Peninsula Fine Arts Center

On April 4th, Cary Nunnally hosted a fund raiser for Republican candidate for Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News. Along with delegates Tom Gear and Brenda Pogge were a whole lot of Republicans and at least 6 Libertarians to support Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli sponsored legislation that would allow Virginia not to comply with the Real ID Act. Also a champion of the 2nd Amendment, Ken has earned endorsements by both the NRA and VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League).

Cuccinelli also is a champion of property rights and helped get us to real Eminent Domain Reform after Kelo vs. New London. With SB 781, Ken Cuccinelli sponsored legislation that stated:
“the primary purpose is not private financial gain, private benefit, an increase in tax base or revenues, or an increase in employment, ”

(Quote with emphasis added, taken from summary statement)

Cuccinelli once again took up the fight to protect yet another of our constitutional rights. Cuccinelli is about action not the typical platitudes we too often see.

Ken Cuccinelli also sees the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. While there is a need to make legal entry easier, I applaud all of Cuccinelli’s efforts to maintain the rule of law. You can view his official statements and legislative history regarding illegal immigration on his site here: Cuccinelli on ILLEGAL Immigration.

While not “spotless” on taxes, the fact that he was a leader in failed opposition to record tax increases by Warner 2004 and Kaine 2006, gives him positive credentials in small government and tax limitation.

Ken Cuccinelli, while not perfect, is an outstanding legislator that a Libertarian should feel comfortable in voting for. His continual adherence to his personal principles and his energetic approach at offering positive legislation is in stark contrast to the lack of leadership and disregard for the constitution that we so often are forced to settle for.

Most were inside listening to Ken Cuccinelli speak.

Most were inside listening to Ken Cuccinelli speak.

Others found the bar outside to be of interest.

Others found the bar outside to be of interest.

I would personally ask you to consider voting Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia’s next Attorney General. Should you wish to learn more about Ken Cuccinelli or find out how you might help him win, you can find his web site here:

Freedom is the solution,
Britt Howard –


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