Beware of HOAX claiming DHS attack on “right wing extremists”

Tonight, on the eve of Tea Parties across the nation, I was given a copy of a supposedly DHS “For Official Use Only” report that targets “right wing extremists” as potential terrorists needing close scrutiny by DHS and law enforcement. People believed this clever hoax. Once I read the document I smelled a rat. The language used is not the type of policy language the DHS would use. How would I know? I have worked for DHS since the first day there was a DHS. I have worked with government policy documents for more than 30 years. While the document appears official and uses official logos, the document lacked many of the basic attributes of a true policy paper or official report. The document uses terms and expressions that are inappropriate for such an official report.
I believe this is a hoax and it is was “leaked” to certain questionable bloggers in the predicable belief that THE BLOGGERS would then try to get the national right wing talk radio media involved. I believe this is a clever attempt to deceive CONSERVATIVE media outlets and well known conservative media pundits such as Michelle Malkin in a bold effort to discredit the Tea Parties in a preemptive move by the Progressives to use their powerful mainstream media propaganda machinery to discredit the Tea Parties and to distract the mainstream media coverage away from reporting the MESSAGE of the Tea Parties and onto reporting the story of the DHS HOAX.
I believe the real story that needs investigation is WHO was actually responsible for planning this deception, creating the document, and WHO planned and arranged for the TIMING of its release to be arranged so that this hoax will come out the day before the Tea Parties and there isn’t sufficient TIME for this to hoax be properly debunked and the Left’s hope is that the people attending Tea Parties will hear about this hoax on talk radio, believe it, and it will be the topic at Tea Parties across the nation so that the main stream media can then portray those in attendance of Tea Parties as simply misinformed right wing sheep and loony conspiracy theorists who are nothing more than gullible fools being mislead by a vast “right wing” propaganda machine.
I suspect the Progressive forces that supported President Obama and his progressive agenda are the true political strategists behind this hoax and that their allies within the traditional “main stream” media will be led to portray the hoax as having been perpetrated by the “right wing” to “encourage more people to attend their “dumb tea parties”. It will be a fete accompli (the deed is done) as the elaborate Left wing media machinery can then attack the right wing media for their failure to properly vet the hoax and “rationally conclude” that “Talk Radio” is untrustworthy – and is “dangerous” as it can “incite violence” and “false” distrust of our government”.
This strategy would be a brilliant stroke of dirty politics and deception worthy of the best of a true “disinformation” campaign used to confuse and discredit “the enemies of the progressives” – that being the everyday citizens having their voices of disapproval heard at Tea Parties when the message the Tea Parties reveals is the wide spread disagreement relating to the actions of the Progressives and their surrogates within our government.
Please don’t be fooled into believing “official” “government” documents until they are properly vetted and shown to be authentic. This hoax is similar to what happened to CBS News credibility and Dan Rather when they were allegedly “duped” by forged documents regarding President Bush.

-Reid Greenmun
Chairman of the Tidewater Libertarian Party


13 Responses to Beware of HOAX claiming DHS attack on “right wing extremists”

  1. Kim Amos says:

    Right on, Reid! Even if the report itself wasn’t a hoax, it was rather ridiculous. I had to laugh every time I heard someone on the news reporting how radical we all are. And, to bring the veterans into it was a slap in the face!

    I figured it was someone’s agenda to insight violence and radicalism amongst the tea partiers to discredit what we are doing.

    Either way, my signs are painted, my office is closing down for a couple of hours today, and I will be at our tea party with my family and friends!

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Tim says:

    It is not a hoax. It has been verified by many sources. Call them up and they will verify it’s authenticity.

  3. It’s authentic, Reid. Obama has distanced himself from the contents of the report, but he acknowledged it’s existence.

    The feds did a similar report on left wing radicals a while back too.

  4. James Young says:

    If it’s a hoax, Reid, why hasn’t DHS or the Administration denied it?

    Of course, because it’s NOT a hoax. And I would have expected that the only people suggesting that it is are the Obamorons in the moonbatosphere, not a self-styled “libertarian” website.

    By the way, it’s “fait accompli.”

  5. KBCraig says:

    Sorry, Reid, but “I smell a rat” doesn’t count as solid evidence. You have proclaimed that it is a hoax, but offer nothing more than your feelings.

    As an aside, how in the world can you reconcile libertarianism with working for DHS?

  6. Don Tabor says:

    Normally, I would have great faith in Reid’s “bureaucrat detector” and if the Clinton’s were still in charge, I’d think they would be devious enough to come up with a ruse like that, but I think this bunch really is that stupid.

    They live in such an echo chamber where no one has a differing point of view and all share in such disdain for all things conservative, that I suspect they still don’t get why this is upsetting folks so much.

    In any case, it appears Napolitano is standing by the memo, qualifying the stance by claiming it only means violent conservatives.

  7. Reid Greenmun says:

    Good grief – if that documant is real then our Federal government is far more out of control than I could have dreamed! If you have read that you will realize that it was more like something a left leaning blogger would have written then a work product of the Department of Homeland Security. The document is outragious in it’s attack on American citizens because they support the Constitution and the 10th Ammendment?!? Because they disagree with running up unprecendeted DEBT and our generation will now stick our kids and our grandkids with the bill to pay for over spending during the past few decades?

    DHS is supposed to defend our homeland, not serve as a force to attack our citizens and American patriots.

  8. DHS is supposed to defend our homeland, not serve as a force to attack our citizens and American patriots.

    Reid, I couldn’t keep a straight face after I read that comment, brother. Take another look at the Patriot Act. Nearly all of that abomination was constructed well before 9-11 by the DOD, CIA and FBI, just waiting for a disaster to serve as a pretext to pass it into law.

    I hate to burst your bubble, brother, but DHS is there precisely to make as many of us as possible afraid to challenge authority.

  9. ktc2 says:


    Wake up and smell the totalitarianism brought to us by both the Rs and Ds together.

    It’s a tag team grudge match against free citizens and this election was just the hand slap tag.

  10. It is sad to learn such things about an organization I work for.

  11. Britt Howard says:

    I’m surprised that your surprised Reid. We saw how the Communistwealth of Virginia has their own manual on terrorism. I think you can still find links to it on Virginia News Source.

    You might not have been a member when the state manual was talked about. Just being in an anti-eminent domain abuse group made you a potential terrorist.

    Just wait, all the Democrats that stood by us claiming rights violations in the warrantless wiretapping and “Patriot” Act will suddenly become true believers now that they are in power. The Republicans witnessed first hand the Clintons getting access to FBI files on Republican congressmen yet, they thought their dynasty would reign forever and the unconstitutional powers they allowed themselves would never be used against them. Russ Feingold? How does he feel now?

  12. Britt Howard says:

    The DHS in itself isn’t a bad thing. We do have to worry about terror and should have someone dedicated to protecting our borders and capturing terrorist before they strike.

    Policies made by those running the DHS and the particular administration at the time is what causes problems. Spying on our own citizens is excused in the name of safety, terror prevention,and convenience. Just as the Patriot Act has been used for things unrelated to national security (drug trafficing especially), so too will the DHS when corrupt minds run the show. We saw the willingness of the Clintons to take FBI files on political enemies. We see the “outings” of opposition congressmen, and a true willingness to go to the mat to politically destroy someone. This is WHY we have a constitution with the intent to limit government. Those running government at times won’t limit themselves.

    I see nothing wrong with a Libertarian working for DHS. I just wish we had a Department of Constitutional Rights Security.

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