Federal Real ID back room effort by Gov. Kaine defeated by House!

From: Virginia Gun Owners [mailto:pmmchugh@comcast.net]
Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 6:10 PM
To: ;
Subject: Good News on Dangerous ID

There was intense debate over the Governor’s recommendations to amend SB 1046 into a Dangerous ID compliance bill.

I just finished watching the debate.

The Senate accepted the Governor’s amendments on a straight party line vote, 21-19 with all 19 Republicans voting no.

The House debate was intense. Even Bill Janis, who was an early opponent of our effort to Stop Dangerous ID, saw the danger. He argued brilliantly that agreeing to the Governor’s amendments would cede all authority on the matter to the federal government in the future.


Because the amendments said that whatever the Feds did in the future would automatically become Virginia law.

The House voted down the Governor’s amendments 32 to 67.

67 delegates said no to Governor Kaine’s slavish support of federal control.

Clearly, the House of Delegates is our only line of defense in the future against federal tyranny.

Clearly, your emails and phone calls had an impact.

Thank you.

For Liberty,
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC


One Response to Federal Real ID back room effort by Gov. Kaine defeated by House!

  1. Reid Greenmun says:

    You see – we CAN make a difference!

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