The Virginian Pilot Editorial Page and TLP Agree!!!!! Hell Freezes Over….Again!

Just when you thought some things were impossible…….
The Virginian Pilot agrees with the Tidewater Libertarian Party that more police oversight is needed in Chesapeake and that a Citizens Review Board should be considered.

This was a great editorial from my biased perspective. Given the tragedy of losing Officer Jarod Shivers in the raid on Ryan Frederick’s house, and a bad situation forced on Ryan Frederick, the TLP spear headed by Dr. Donald Tabor maintains that some sort of review could be helpful. The editorial page of the Pilot, in a reasoned offering of opinion, draws a similar conclusion. Hats off to that editorial page.

I apologize for taking a few days to link to it for your reading pleasure. I was half hoping that Don would do it. I’m afraid he’s too humble to take credit he rightly deserves. He’s put in a lot of effort staying on top of this case.

Happy reading!

Freedom is the solution,
Britt Howard


5 Responses to The Virginian Pilot Editorial Page and TLP Agree!!!!! Hell Freezes Over….Again!

  1. If You Want To Know Why Citizen Review Boards Are Necessary……

    Take a look at the 2006 shooting death of Kathryn Johnston. Atlanta now has an effective CRB. Now it’s Chesapeake’s turn.

    rate this: 

  2. TLP, NAACP, 75% of the Pilot’s readers, if you believe the sidebar surveys, now the Pilot’s editorial staff. I’ve been calling for a CRB for years now, and I’ve felt pretty damn lonely. Now, it seems to be only the cops themselves, who think this is a bad idea.

    I’m so used to being the radical, I’m not sure how to act as part of the majority.

  3. Britt Howard says:

    To Rick:

    We are “Mainstream”. You shall be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  4. ktc2 says:

    Sadly the Atlanta CRB is in the process of being neutered. Lasted long enough for bad publicity to blow over, now back to business as usual.

  5. terry bowhuis says:

    I noticed lots of pictures of kids and adults enjoying the snow we just received. That was great I think snow and kids go great togather. It’s too bad the supervisors of Mount Trashmore Parkdo not think the same. At the first hint of snow they close the park. We can’t let the kids enjoy all the fun we had playing and sliding in the snow. Please don’t tell me it’s for safety reasons. There are few trees to collide with on those hills.My personal belief is that the park supervisor is a scrouge or maybe a grinch who does not like Christmas or SNOW. Isn’t it possible for the superintendent of the city parks to get this park open for the kids. I know the city just put down new sod over the mountain a few years ago, but considering the minimum damage from all the trafic it gets during the 4th of July celebration, they could set aside an area for the kids to slide on and keep the damage to a confined area.

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