The Tidewater Libertarian Party Asks For a Citizens Review Board After the Frederick Case

In the February 25th edition of the Virginian-Pilot, an article featured the Tidewater Libertarian Party request for a Citizens Review Board to assist the Chesapeake Police Department in finding solutions.

The Tidewater Libertarian Party called the shooting death of a Chesapeake detective last January “tragic and avoidable” and on Tuesday night asked the City Council to create a citizen review board to investigate police policies.

“Police take the position that they need not explain their actions,” said Don Tabor, who represents the Libertarian organization. A citizen review board would restore “lost trust” in the Chesapeake Police Department, he said.

Virginia Pilot Article by Kristin Davis

Clearly something in the case went wrong. Ryan Frederick had no prior record and was determined not to be a threat at the time that the warrant was issued. What should have been an easy execution of a search warrant ended in ruining the life of Ryan Frederick. Even more tragically, a good man, police officer, husband, and father, Jarod Shivers died. The most tragic of all? This all could have been avoided. While some among the Chesapeake Police Department will claim this raid was performed in the most safe method, the results of the raid scream otherwise.

To get to this point of tragedy, the CPD relied on informants with criminal history. Indeed, intelligence gathered through these informants involved a “break-in” robbery. If the police must obtain a warrant prior to search and siezure, why should they be able to allow a criminal informant to break and enter, search/seize evidence, and then give that information for police to justify a warrant with?

The Chesapeake Police Department lost a brother officer and was given a damaging “Black-Eye”. This most certainly is publicity that they did NOT want. One would think the department that serves and protects would want to take steps to prevent similiar tragedies in the future and rebuild public trust. Embracing citizen review would go a long way in doing that.

Freedom is the solution – Britt Howard


2 Responses to The Tidewater Libertarian Party Asks For a Citizens Review Board After the Frederick Case

  1. Price says:

    How do you purpose to pick the citizens review board? What happens when there is someone on the board that is not a Rep/Dem. Could politics take over this proposed board?

    • Don Tabor says:

      Since the board reports to the City council, they would have to be appointed by council.

      Of course politics will be involved, but that is how government works. If the board were slanted one way or another, council would have to be held accountable at election time. But there are sufficient conflicting interests on the council to inject some balance, I believe. I suspect he council would rather not have a board at all, but if one is forced on them by public attention, I think they will choose a fair one. Obviously, I think appointing non-partisan members would be a good thing.

      And, of course, there are powerful interests in Chesapeake, such as the NAACP, who have wanted a board for a long time. There are also the public employee unions which would want to make the whole issue about pay and job protection.

      I worry more about a board being taken over by special interests with an agenda more than by Democrats or republicans.

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