“Undocumented” Whores Stealing “Jobs”

Just when you see the newspapers feature articles with pro-illegal immigrant groups declaring that “immigration” is no longer a concern on voters minds, I see in the Daily Press, the travesty on the Pennisula. Apparently illegal…..I mean undocumented whores and their pimps are crossing the border illegally/undocumented and stealing “johns” from our red-blooded, true blue American whores.
Daily Press Article Link

What’s a girl to do in this horrible economy when prostitutes from south of the border will go south of YOUR border for $15? Thank goodness these undocumented whores were busted. Granted that the $15 is after the cut given to the house but, that has just gotta depress earnings of honest US prostitutes(I’m not counting politicians this time).

I’m guessing the underground lobbyists for street walkers and upscale “Call Girls” let our politicians know that this ISN’T work that Americans are unwilling to do! It’s just work their unwilling to do for just 15 bucks.

So, do you think there aren’t lobbyists for hookers? I used to think that but, not long ago oral sex was a felony in Virginia until the US Supreme Court overturned that Texas sodomy law. Yes, Att. General Bob McDonnell liked oral sex being a felony. Just ask him. What was interesting was back then I’d read stories in the paper where the hookers got “solicitation” charges while the men being serviced got carreer ending felony charges under the Va. sodomy law. Why the preferential treatment for hookers? Why didn’t they get felony charges also? I have to guess there must be some “lobbying” going on.

If gambling was legal in Virginia, I would bet that prostitutes and politicians do exchange *cough* thoughts on public policy. After all, birds of a feather…….

The shadowy hookers union must have had a hand in busting these undocumented working girls. Well, thank goodness too! Unless that “Stimulus” package gets through soon in this economy stricken with recession, our American whores will really get “screwed”.

Just remember, illegal/undocumented immigration hurts all of us. ROFL!


11 Responses to “Undocumented” Whores Stealing “Jobs”

  1. KBCraig says:

    Brilliant, Sir!

  2. Britt is a “Ma’am”. 🙂

  3. Not to be confused with “Madam”. Y’know, given the context.

  4. Don Tabor says:


    Thanks for a clever way of illustrating the absurdity of prosecution of victimless crimes. Were prostitution legal, the marketplace would work these things out far more equitably that courts ever will.

    Oh, and there is a lobbyist group for sex workers, COYOTE.

  5. KBCraig says:

    This is posted as “John Wilburn’s Reports”, so I have no way of knowing that “Britt” (he, she, or otherwise) wrote it.

    Sorry for the confusion, but that is one of the frustrating things about Tidewater Liberty: authorship is never clear.

  6. Sorry Craig. I got it wrong. I thought I knew who Britt was, but clearly I was wrong.

    Don’s right; I need to attend the meetings more often. I wish I could, I work on Saturdays. I coach youth softball, so the few Saturdays I take off need to be reserved for tryouts, draft, and the all-star tournaments.

    Anyway, that comment was my error, not yours. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

  7. That said, I think it’s a great post, because not only does it illustrate the absurdity of vice laws, as Doc pointed out, but also the backwardness of the justifications usually used for more stringent immigration laws.

    It’s almost universally accepted that illegal immigration is somehow a result of laws that are too relaxed. It’s almost universally wrong, too. The problem is laws that prohibit ways of getting here that most of our ancestors used.

    Most people seem to be under the delusion that entering the country and obtaining citizenship is the same as it was when their ancestors arrived. It’s not. At Ellis Island, they did a criminal background check and a health screening. Then, somebody screwed up your name, and you were in. Today, it takes years; sometimes decades, and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then, if the bureaucrat loses your paperwork, you have to refile, and pay the filing fee of hundreds to thousands of dollars all over again.

    Mexicans living in border towns used to cross the border, sell tamales from roadside stands (I’m not kidding, I have spoken to one such person at a local senior home), then go back home. Now, when someone crosses that same border without their papers, in order to work, they have to stay, because getting back and forth is such a dangerous hassle.

    • Don Tabor says:

      Actually, it is even worse than that.

      If you are a physician or engineer, getting into the US is pretty easy, it is only hard if you are a construction worker or other laborer. So, what the US is doing is to plunder the third world of their expensively educated, and desperately needed, physicians and other professionals while barring the laborers who wish to keep their children alive by working here.

  8. Britt Howard says:

    Let me confirm that I am indeed a “he”. Think of Fox newscaster Brit Hume.

    Anyway, I can only attend meetings now every other Saturday since my shift change. At some point I’ll find a picture to post here to remove the confusion. Damn that Britney Spears! She ruins everything!

    Thanks for all the compliments on the post!

    I’m generally for border control and the “rule of law”(we used to have that here). However, I don’t understand all the hinderances to citizenship. Clearly the system we have now is broken.

    How hard is it to become a citizen? Just ask Filipino veterans of World War II that had to wait until the 1990 Immigration act to become US citizens. Vets fighting the Japanese with us that still can’t get citizenship granted for their children as they age. I’m thinking about doing a post about this subject sometime soon and cite a few sources.

    I agree with Rick about barriers to citizenship but, some immigration issues maybe not. Relaxed laws causing illegall immigration? We apparently have NO laws! Certainly no “Rule of Law”. Legal means should be streamlined and made easier. Additionally, maybe start a workers permit system to allow non-citizens to legally cross back and forth under certain conditions. Maybe make it easier to gain citizenship if you serve in the military or agree to live in certain areas of the country for say at least two years. Make a decision about current illegals. Find ways for them to earn legal status and deport the non-compliant. Then enforce border control and the law. What we have now doesn’t work.

    We need to control the borders. We need to in order to make our laws actually mean something. We also need to control border crossings for national security reasons. Let’s face it, the border would be eaasier to control if there were legal means to cross and citizenship wasn’t next to an eternity to gain when you follow the rules.

  9. juris imprudent says:

    Or, in deference to Parker and Stone,

    “They took our johns!”

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