Ryan Frederick Trial Day 5 CORRECTION

In summarizing from John Wilburn’s notes, I mixed Defense attorney Korslund’s questions with Det. Mienhart’s answers,  or lack of answer. This was my error, not John’s.

As I now understand it, Korslund asked the Detective if certain information about marijuana cultivation was correct, but the Prosecution objected to his answering as he had not been established as an expert on the subject (though no doubt, he is.)

Neither John nor I intended to mislead anyone, this was simply a miscommunication between us.

I would also assert that is is a distinction without a difference. This blog is not being entered into evidence in court, and our “rules of evidence” are far simpler than the courts, being simply, “is it factually correct?”

I am happily ignorant of all facets of drug use, but perhaps we have experts available to us sufficient for our discussion. Is it correct that a plant produces 8-12 ounces of smoking material? How much would someone use over the maturation period of the plants to maintain a continuous personal supply for himself and perhaps his close associates?

Most importantly, would two hydroponics units be sufficient to supply Frederick’s own use and leave an excess adequate for an ongoing commercial operation?

If not, the distribution charge is bogus, which is the point of that line of questioning. Have we an expert who can answer those questions?

But even that question only relates the charge of distribution. It remains quite possible that even if he were selling some trivial amount of marijuana at some past time, that he believed it was the burglars returning to do him harm who were breaking down his door. Self defense would still apply.

Of a larger interest, from a Libertarian standpoint, whether Frederick is guilty or not on any or all charges, is whether the conduct of the Chesapeake police was consistent with our Constitution and our theory of government. I would assert that it was not, that Chesapeake has gone beyond merely shredding the Bill of Rights but is actively taking away our rights under the Magna Carta.


6 Responses to Ryan Frederick Trial Day 5 CORRECTION

  1. Ganja Blue says:

    I think every stoner considers growing his own stash, until he or she realizes the crazy undertaking it is. Everyone uses a little differently, but lets take a daily smoker who uses 3-4 oz a month of high quality hydro. Under florescent lights this would take, I’m guessing 3-4 plants. Marijuana has a high light demand, that’s why it grows so well near the equator. With high pressure sodium bulbs you can get a better yield, but the electricity used and heat generated can get you caught. With these plants you could probably yield 6-8 oz. Outdoor plants can grow 8oz+ but it takes an entire growing season to harvest. Indoors it takes about 2 months to grow a plant from seed. You kill off the males, then another 2 months to bloom your female plants. Half the plants will be unusable males. If have a brown thumb like I do, you can expect to kill off a few more plants. So for a single guy to grow his own stash and not share, and not run out. I’m guessing he’d probably have to have at least a dozen plants growing at any one time. This is the point when most stoners say, forget it. I’m just going to keep buying from my guy.

    To be growing enough to sell for profit he’d probably have to use the whole garage, use considerably more power and water than his neighbor and generate a bunch of trash. It also takes a considerable amount of equipment to grow for profit; lights, ballast, fertilizer, fans, carbon filtration, heat exhaust. Unless he was generating a lot of noise with filtration fans, the entire neighborhood would have smelled it come harvest time.

    Virtually everything you need to know about growing your own marijuana is available online and in local bookstores. In California, Texas, and Florida grow houses are spreading like foreclosures. Nothing about Ryan Fredrick’s house says “grow op” to me. To take the risk of growing in your own house is frankly stupid to me. It doesn’t even take a conviction for the government to seize your shit.

    Until they legalize, or at least give me medical marijuana I’ll have to keep going to my guy to get it. Who knows where that profit goes, but that’s for another discussion. Hope this helps.

  2. Herb Lover says:

    As someone that has had personal experience in building grow op setups I can tell you with absolute certainty that Ryan Frederick’s setup/equipment (as described in the case) was not anywhere–and I mean ANYWHERE–near enough to being able to turn a profit.

    Ganja Blue is correct, you need a huge amount of area to grow to make money. Hell, a dozen or more plants (that have been extremely well taken care of) would be needed just to break even on the power demands of running the lights, ventilation fans, water pumps, etc. Fertilizers, bug repellents, and other grow op necessities aren’t free, either. Oh, and don’t forget about your electronic ph/ppm meters or CO2 setups! Also, any area you do have will need to be cut up with at least 2 feet of space all around and if large enough then cut into several sections so you can get to each plant to take care of it or remove it if it dies.

    I see 8oz as being possible for an indoor plant that has grown exceptionally without any nutrient deficiencies/nutrient burn/bugs in its entire growth cycle, but it would be rare and certainly not average. 12oz? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I have had guys ask me to do setups in the 2nd bedroom of their apartment after their flatmate moves out so they can make some extra cash. I tell them to find another flatmate.

  3. Jack says:

    Here we go again. Know the law. Even if he has a single plant and gives some of the bud away, hence distribution, that is by law manufacturing marijuana.

  4. Don Tabor says:

    Uh, Jack,
    SO, you’re saying that non-commercial sharing is still legally distribution.

    Do you think that it would also make it honest to characterize him as a ‘drug dealer’ to the jury?

  5. Ganja Blue says:

    Non-commercial distribution of less than half an ounce, like passing a joint or giving someone an 1/8th is only possession in TN. If you take any money, or have more than 1/2 ounce then it is distribution. Of course they can always add “intent to distribute” as if they can read your mind.

  6. JPSD3 says:

    Indoors with the setup Franklin had you can expect 2-4 oz of dried bud per plant if grown very well, with good genetics and alot of light. this would be a 1 week seedling 3-4 week veg 8-9 week flower.

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