Jury View today

The jury view of the house was requested early on by the defense so the jury could see for themselves that there is no opportunity for Frederick to have seen who was outside as he came to the front door. The layout of the house is such that he would not pass any front facing windows on the way to the door.

The team of officers heading for the garage in the back was delayed by the fence and did not start their knock an announce procedures in the rear until it was too late for Frederick’s attention to be called to any back or side windows.

The prosecution argued to NOT have the jury see the actual house several months ago.


5 Responses to Jury View today

  1. The rear entry team weren’t just delayed by the fence. If I’m remembering the testimony from Friday correctly, they also had a hard time hearing Detective Roberts announcing himself the first time, which was their signal to enter the yard. Then they were further delayed by the fence scraping on the ground.

    Not to pick a nit, but the difficulty of cops outside the home, waiting on the announcement is not insignificant. Especially in a case that hinges on proving that the defendant should have heard the same announcement from inside the house, over the barking dogs and blaring television(both sides agree the TV was loud), while sleeping.

  2. omar says:

    Will there be an update on today’s happenings from John Wilburn on this webpage? I have been unable to find his blog (if he has one).

    • Don Tabor says:

      John will be posting on this blog, but I do not know if it will be today.

      The Jury Visit to the home was scheduled today, but was canceled. John attended the trial today, I have spoken to him, and he will be sending me notes from which to prepare a report.

  3. Vick2020 says:

    If he could have seen outside, he would have saw a van that the cops use so they WON’T be identified. The purpose of the tactical blank uniform, is to be hidden from view in the night. They approached in a stealth manner which is why their claim of wanting to be seen is suspect.

    If I was a cop that wanted to be seen, I would have pulled up in a marked car with the lights flashing.

    Rick, I believe you are correct, they said they did not hear the announcment. Anyone disagree?

  4. I just reviewed my notes from Friday’s testimony, and found mixed results on hearing Roberts’ announcement. I probably will misspell the names of the officers who testified. They were all members of the rear entry team that entered the yard and the garage.

    John Lanfair did not hear the first announcement from Roberts, but did hear the second and began attempting to open the gate to enter the yard. He was the lead on the rear entry team.

    Alvin Dayday(I’m certain I’m misspelling this, so I spelled it phonetically) Did not hear any of Roberts’ announcements, but he did hear Walker(the female) announce after he was in the back yard. He was actually behind Lanfair.

    Officer McGanty heard the announcements. He was all the way in the rear of the rear entry team. In fact he wasn’t part of the entry team, but provided security for them. He was actually so far back, he was within view of the front entry team.

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