Upcoming State Elections

The races for State Election are already in gear. Things are starting to heat up in the Democrat party as three challengers battle for the one Democrat nomination for Governor. The Republican nomination has already been decided.

Also of interest are the races for Lt. Governor and Attorney General for Virginia. Many of the candidates have familiar names.

You may or may not belong to a political party that has a candidate in the current offerings. Either way, what are you thoughts so far? Is there anyone you really like? Anyone you have nightmares about? If you are a 3rd party member or just independent, how will you cast your vote at this point in time? If you are a Democrat or Republican, is there a faction within your party that you hope will be strengthend or weakend? Have your say. What do you think?


6 Responses to Upcoming State Elections

  1. Glen Jornov says:

    I’m a member of the TLP and I’ll be voting for McDonnell for Governor and Ken Cuccinelli for AG. As far as the Democrat primary, I have no problem voting for the one who is the weakest candidate they have although all there governor candidates seem equally bad to me.

  2. Don Tabor says:

    In this year’s governors race, I intend to be an active supporter for NOTA. (None Of The Above)

    There was a time when would have been an active supporter of McDonnell, but he has not stood by the principles of Liberty during his term as AG as he should have.

    I wish Bolling was running for Governor.

  3. Rich Roberts says:

    I wonder how many people are going to write in Ron Paul…..

  4. reidgreenmun says:

    I too would have preferred Bill Bowling to Bob McDonnell. Bob McDonnell’s role in the 2002 SB 668 and the 2007 HB 3202 regional transportation taxing authority (HRTA) debacle soured me on Bob.

    I am a big Ken Cuccinelli fan (for many years) but even Ken voted the wrong way on SB 668 and HB 3202.

    Frankly, none of the options we have now excite me. Hopefully the LP will run a decent candidate for Governor. Has the deadline passed yet to file to run for Governor?

  5. Britt Howard says:

    Some races are easy for me to decide.

    Lt. Governor – Bill Bolling (R)
    Att. General- Ken Cuccinelli (R)

    Governor? That depends on which combination of “two evils” I am forced to choose from.

    If McAulliffe is the Dem. pick:
    I will hold my nose and vote for McDonnell. Bad outcome either way.

    If Moran is the Dem. Pick:
    I will write-in a friends name or NOTA.

    If Creigh Deeds is the Dem. pick:
    I will vote FOR Criegh Deeds.
    Deeds appears to be losing steam. His campaign needs to do something to raise his profile. He BARELY lost to McDonnell last time and unfortunately, I voted for McDonnell last time. I regret that now. Deeds seems to be a moderate to conservative democrat. I can live with that.

    I have a few issues with McDonnell:

    1)He would rather that oral sex conducted in Virginia still be a felony. Even married couples in their own homes. They would simply be unconvicted felons. Virginia is for Lovers? Not on his watch!!! I am glad to say, the US Supreme Court differs with our current AG.

    2)He strongly supported watered down eminent domain legislation post Kelo/New London that would NOT protect our property rights. Thankfully that legislation failed and true reform was passed the next year. Worth the wait!

    3)He vigorously defended the HRTA.

    McDonnell is a true conservative on defense but, he’s done way too much for me to turn a blind eye.

    McAulliffe is another horrible choice.
    He wants to scrap the Dillon Rule. Just what we need! Local governments already are out of control.

    McAulliffe was quite the partisan in the DNC. His claims of non-partisan wishes to just do what is right by us, fall on deaf ears.

    McAulliffe is fishy and just doesn’t seem Virginian. On one hand he praises Va. as being #1 for Business and thanks Warner/Kaine. On the other hand he slaps Virginia and Warner/Kaine by saying:

    “So, we need to do more to help attract large employers to Virginia. Right now, Virginia isn’t even on the list of states these companies look at when they are thinking about relocating or opening a new plant. Unlike a lot of our neighboring states, Virginia doesn’t have a streamlined process to put together incentives for them. We need to do so much more. ”
    This quote was taken from a quote appearing here:

    Which is it Terry? Is Virginia, Warner, and Kaine good for business or not?

  6. Brian Kirwin says:


    Creigh Deeds voted for HB3202. Nice to know that the things you attack McDonnell for you ignore about Deeds.

    Be fair.

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