“On The Record” replacement

It appears that Joel Rubin’s local political discussion program, On the Record, as been replaced, as I predicted, with an infomercial. I will be sure to tune in every week to learn who the sponsor is to be certain I never do business with any of the sponsors WVEC places in that spot and urge others to do the same, and to let the sponsors know we will never give them business so long as Rubin is off the air.


2 Responses to “On The Record” replacement

  1. vjp says:

    I’m with you.

  2. Reid Greenmun says:

    I joined Joel’s facebook page and signed his online petition. Our region benefits from having show’s like Joel’s On The Record.

    While Joel tended to favor solutions for problems that rely on growing ‘big government ‘more than Libertarians would agree with, he did give people with opposing viewpoints the opportunity to come on his show and explain their views. He did keep to discussion civil.

    More and more I am witnessing a political process whereby candidates are refusing to debate and refusing to “go On The Record” prior to an emection, in regard to their position on issues that they will most likely be voting on should they win.

    This trend is a diservice to the voters and Joel was a bright spot that helped shed more light on what the people running to serve in our government are claiming they are about.

    Somehow we need MORE televised discussion of local, regional, and state political issues, not less. A lot of voters don’t invest their time on the internet – but they do watch TV.

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