What? Was he afraid someone would ding his paint?

OK, usually you see this with a Lexus or Beamer owner who is sure that his

Outside a Norfolk Mexican Restaurant where the officers were eating luncnh

Outside a Norfolk Mexican Restaurant where the officers were eating lunch

desire to keep his paint pristine supercedes the convenience of others wishing to use a parking space, but you don’t usually see police cars parked this way when officers are eating lunch at a Mexican Restaurant.

Are Norfolk Police now getting docked if their cruiser gets a door ding, or have they become  this arrogant in their certainty that the rules the rest of us live by do not apply to them?

Or is it it just laziness?

Or are they just so clumsy they can’t get their finger in their ear without a funnel?


7 Responses to What? Was he afraid someone would ding his paint?

  1. Answer: Cops have indeed become at least this arrogant in their certainty that the rules don’t apply to them.

    I saw a cop this past summer, in plain clothes but wearing his badge, detaining a guy with his arm locked behind him, in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts at Roosevelt shopping center on Little Creek Rd. After I was inside, he let the guy go, and the cop entered the DD, then sat down with a woman, presumably his wife, or date, whatever. He told her what sparked the incident. Apparently, the guy, while walking past the DD window, made an obscene gesture to the cop and called him a faggot.

    Now, if true, this behavior is insulting and crass. However, if any of the rest of us sought remedy through a physical altercation, the one who this very cop would have arrested would be the one who reacted physically, not the one who instigated the fight with the insulting words and gestures. But our friend with the badge gets a pass. They all know this and understand it well. It’s called professional courtesy.

  2. Mickeychelle says:

    Is this a K9 Officer’s car? Could be he was trying to leave a wide area around his vehicle since his dog was in it while he was actually able to go have a sit down lunch.

  3. Michael says:


    What kind of a question is that? I think anyone with a car, less than three years old, should park this way, too. That is, if it is rational to assume , not illegal, for one of many, ludicrous reasons one might present, No dog should be left alone in a vehicle, anyway! That is no different than leaving kids in there! If you go for a PITA reaction! Let him go home, take his dog inside, and have a sit down lunch there!

    Don’t make excuses for such bad parking! People who park like that are just plain inconsiderate. I guess that might come from an officer being arrogant and thinking he is above the law! I am surprised ti wasn’t a handicap spot, he was blocking!

  4. Mickeychelle says:

    PITA’s are good for lunch……I think you mean PETA.

  5. Michael says:


    You obviously understood. Thanks for the heads up. though! I am so perfect, I would not want to appear to be stupid!

  6. Mr. M says:

    you guys are really lame to immediately put down those who dedicate their lives to protect people like YOU who are incapable or too cowardly to do so. Perhaps there is a dog in the vehicle, or perhaps they parked that way so if they get sent on a call they have plenty of room to make a quick exit if need be. Its wonderful to hear so many people speak their ignorant opinions without knowing everything. You guys are awesome. Just remember how arrogant or lazy or whatever you think the police are the next time your house is broken into or you’re robbed at gunpoint or being assaulted and they save you while numerous coward-citizens stand at watch.

  7. Mickeychelle says:

    Mr. M: I couldn’t agree with you more!

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