Candy Coated Hate

Am I the only one who has noticed that racists are trying to find new ways to disguise their hate? I’m speaking, of course, of the tendency of your typical white racist to substitute “Muslim” for “Black.” If you give these people half a second, they reveal themselves to be nothing more than your garden variety racist with their nonsensical statements.

Here’s a clue.

Barack Obama is Christian. If you disagree with his pastor for things he said, I agree. If you think that Obama got a pass on his associations with those preaching hate because of his skin color, I think that your assessment is disturbingly accurate… his race has been used to stifle debate.

If, however, you start ranting about how he’s evil and how he’s just “one of those Muslims”, I’m going to call you out. Hell, man… why don’t you just say what you really mean? You know… “I ain’t voting for one of those ‘N-words’!”

That’s what you really mean, isn’t it?


7 Responses to Candy Coated Hate

  1. KBCraig says:

    I heard it so many times: “I don’t really care that he’s black, I”m just afraid he’s going to turn out to be a Muslim.”

    *sigh*… playing the game, I venture forth: “And, so what if he really is Muslim?”

    “Well, then he’d have ties to all those terrorists!”

    “You mean, like Bill Ayers? Or maybe you mean like all Christians are tied to terrorism in Northern Ireland? Or abortion clinic fire-bombers?”

    Honestly, folks, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to be afraid of Obama, and they’re being ignored right out in plain sight. Don’t go inventing reasons to be afraid of him; the truth is bad enough.

  2. Chad Post says:

    The problem, though, is that they’re not inventing something… they’re just trying to hide their racism behind a paper-thin excuse. Hey, dislike someone’s policies or their principles, fine.. but when you classify people based on race, gender, or… dare I say it… sexual orientation, you’re choosing to be the most worthless sort of human.

  3. Dan Lyons says:

    I’m proud to say that Obama is “Not My President” on account of his ideologies. It has nothing to do with race, religion or any other group identity. My beef is with his style of governance and his lack of principle.

  4. Reid Greenmun says:

    I don’t agree that the aversion to a Muslim President is a way of hiding a personal racial prejudice against Black people.

    Our nation has been targeted by Muslim barbarians and they have already demonstrated their willingness to committ atrocities in the name of the religion – and more than likely, they are suing Islam as THEIR attempt to mask their true POLITICAL goals.

    The leadership of the Muslim faith has largely supported the radical leadership that has sworn a Jihad to bring death and destruction to our nation.

    Not exactly someone you would want serving as your Commander In Chief, right?

  5. Chad P says:


    Obama is not a Muslim. People who insist that he is a Muslim are hiding other agendas.

    Being fair, our nation has targeted Muslims for years.

  6. Don Tabor says:

    I agree Obama is not a Muslim. I have my doubts whether he is really all that Christian either. I don’t doubt he would take on the appearance of a Hindu or a Zoroastrian if that would advance his political power.

    But Reid is right that Islam is an enemy of freedom. Regardless of whether you support the war on terror or not, we should have our guard up regarding Islam. There is no separation of church and state under Islam, and conversion of the entire world, by force if necessary, is an article of faith.

    Failing to keep that in mind and act accordingly would doom our progeny to a life without Liberty.

  7. Rich Roberts says:

    I don’t believe that relegious beliefs should at all be relavent in an election.

    Besides, being Muslim does not make you a violent terrorist.

    Unfortunatly there are many radical clerics of Islam who are trying to make it that way. Concern is justified.

    Many of these violence-preaching clerics moved into the highly Muslim East African countries after the US invaded Iraq to find soldiers for Jihad. Basically the Africans told them what they could go do with themselves. Most Africans I met when I lived there don’t want to kill you for being Christan. But they will try to engage you in debate over religion.

    Other places like the Kingdom of Bahrain is very accepting of Christians. Execpt durring Ramadan. My buddy got arrest for chewing gum in public during the holiday. It doesn’t matter if you not a Muslim not participing in the fast. The police let him go after two days.

    The followers of Islam are not my enemy,
    The “Jihadist” are.

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