Socialism Wins!

With great enthusiasm and joy vast numbers of Americans across the nation patiently waited in line yesterday to vote. When their votes were finally tallied late last night, large jubilant crowds celebrated in urban centers across the land. In Chicago and elsewhere impressive numbers of people exuberantly welcomed in a new era of Socialism, “fairness”, and “global community”. “Yes we can!” was gleefully chanted by frenzied throngs of tearful and happy class warriors reveling in the anticipation of their hope for change. The promise of wealth redistribution having been tossed to them like a last chance life preserver cast to save a floundering working class and rescue them from their bleak future was clearly evident in the relief they wore across their collective faces as media cameras anxiously panned across the celebratory crowds.

History was made last night as Libertarians across the nation were soundly ignored on ballots everywhere, exiled to an inconsequential and curious footnote hidden from notice behind the dramatic and vindictive repudiation of the mismanaged Republican Party.

With the steady demographic shift towards “minority” majorities and the widening gap of shared prosperity between the ultra wealthy and the middle to lower classes, the Democratic Party expertly exploited the strong emotions of class envy combined with the simmering outrage and fear over our nation’s economic collapse and resulting decline in our standard of living and diminished opportunity for upward mobility. Well done DNC! The Democratic “ground game” and GOTV organization which the Democrats constructed produced more than enough new voters to overcome the tired, spent, and largely inertia-driven GOP political machine.

The Obamanation is now a reality and the world is on the edge of its seat in anticipation of what happens next.

What does this mean to Libertarians?

While it is too soon to tell, it is reasonable to predict that the hope for change that Libertarians seek has been dealt a significant setback and the likelihood of a rise by the Libertarian Party to a position of winning at the ballot box has moved farther into the distance then we perceived it to have been just six months ago. To many Libertarians our hope for change was fueled by our logical conclusion that since our nation was clearly heading in the wrong direction, voters would rally to our Party because the core values and principles we support are a roadmap to a brighter tomorrow.

Obviously our conclusions were overly optimistic when we placed our faith in the majority of the American people by expecting them to value the wisdom of our Founding Fathers over the pandering of Socialists offering free stuff. The wisdom I am referring to is documented within the fragile pages of our Constitution, the fading pages of our Declaration of Independence, and by the apparently forgotten actions our brave Founding Fathers during the turbulent birth of our nation. Their hard work, sacrifice, and courage created our brave nation. Their determination and conviction sprang from the strong support by the independent American people who were once committed to Liberty, self-sufficiency, and sovereign independence.

When Socialism wins, Liberty loses.

Those that fail to learn from history are destined to repeat its failures.


2 Responses to Socialism Wins!

  1. Reid Greenmun says:

    Days after winning his election Senator Obama holds a press conference and begins discussing giving car companies billions in taxpayer dollars – let the Socialism begin … Yes, we can!

  2. Chad P says:

    “History was made last night as Libertarians across the nation were soundly ignored on ballots everywhere”

    How many local libertarians voted for McCain because they were afraid of Obama winning? How many voted for Thelma Drake as the “lesser of two evils” despite repeated statements that voting for the lesser of two evils is a loser’s game?

    I can say with absolute honesty that I refuse to support candidates that do not reflect my beliefs. How many libertarians can say the same?

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