The Case of Bob Barr for President.

Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This year you have an opportunity to reject the failed policies of the two major political parties and instead cast your vote for real change – this year you can stop doing the same thing over and over and “hope” for “change”. This year you can vote Libertarian. You can vote for Bob Barr as our next President of the United States.

For far too long the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have abandoned their principles, abandoned the U.S. Constitution, and abandoned the American people.

Our nation cannot return to a path of strict Constitutional government, lower taxes, greater respect for property rights, and government that protects our individual liberty if we continue to allow ourselves to be duped into voting for a false Hobson’s choice because we are deceived into believing there is a meaningful difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. They are two wings on the same bird, one left and one right. Each wing is working in concert with the other to infringe upon our liberties, seize our property, and lead our nation further down the path towards globalism, socialism, and fascism.

Over the years much of the damage done to our nation has been the result of activist 
Supreme Court justices. Who you choose for President will decide the nominees 
submitted for consideration to serve on our Supreme Court. It is likely as many as four 
justices may retire during the next four years. The last few decades of our Supreme 
Court has been chosen by the collaboration between the Republican and Democratic 
Recently our property rights were severely violated by the Kelo vs. New London 
decision – a horrific Supreme Court decision that clearly violates the intentions 
of the framers of our Constitution to institute our government with its proper 
role being to protect our property rights, not act as an all-powerful “partner” with 
private developers to force us to surrender our homes and businesses for the 
sake of “economic development”. Bob Barr will not appoint justices to the 
Supreme Court that will not strictly interpret the Constitituation as it was written. 
Barack Omaba will. John McCain will to. John McCain supported the repression 
of our individual political free speech with his active support for the McCain-Fiengold 
“campaign finance reform” bill (i.e. the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act 
(BCRA), Public Law 107-155 107th Congress.).
As the two major political parties continue to lead our nation into financial ruin, 
destroying capitalism and our free markets, we have just witnessed the most 
catastrophic abuse of our federal government we have ever seen; that being 
the “Wall Street Bailout Bill” which was passed to “rescue” private banks and 
lending institutions due to their agreement to make and then resell bad loans 
for over valued properties. Folks, those mortgage contracts are a private 
matter between the parities involved and they are not the responsibility of 
the American taxpayers to “bail out”.
Both Senator McCain and Senator Obama voted for this blatant abuse 
of our tax dollars and our federal government. Sadly, President Bush 
signed this bill into law. You see, it does matter who we elect as President. 
Bob Barr vehemently opposed the “Wall Street Bailout Bill”. Bob Barr 
understands the free market and the proper role of our Federal Government. 
Bob Barr has one major objective when he is elected to serve our nation 
as our President. His primary objective is to restore our Federal government 
to the limitations as defined by our Constitution and to reduce Federal 
spending and lower taxes for the American people.
The difference between Bob Barr, Barack Obama, and John McCain is 
that you can believe Bob Barr when he tells you that he will reform Washington. 
Bob Barr isn’t a part of the “duopoly” of the oligarchy of the RNC and DNC 
political machine. Bob Barr is an American on a mission to return our nation 
to the Constitutional government that we are entitled to as citizens of our 
sovereign nation. Bob Barr is your chance to vote to protect your liberty, 
your property, and the future of your nation.

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