Election news from the Tidewater Libertarian Party

Greetings from the TLP! The TLP has voted to endorse the following:

U. S. Congress – 2nd District – (R) Thelma Drake

(Other running for this seat are (D) Glenn Nye)

Local races:

1. Mayor of Virginia Beach – –John Moss

(Others running for this seat are Meyera Oberndorf, Will Sessoms, Scott Taylor)

2. Virginia Beach City Council – Rose Hall District – – Reba McClanan

(Others running for this seat are Glenn Davis)

3. Virginia Beach City Council – At large – – Lee Shuler

(Others running for this seat are incumbent Rosemary Wilson, Georgia Allen, Keith Strausbaugh and Lawrence Teator)

Lee Shuler had dropped out of the race to take care of her mother, but her mother’s health improved and she is back in the race.

Here is the reply Lee Shular provided to the TLP questions posed prior to the TLP Board voting to endorse her for City Council:

1 With regard to the development of the Indigo Dunes property, if the city denies the developer’s permits on environmental objections, should the owner be compensated for the loss of use of his property?
Lee: At the present time, it is my understanding that the City has not issued any development permits to date.  Had permits been approved by the City, and then the State Water Control Board denied their permit for environmental concerns, then I would agree that Virginia Beach only owed compensation to the property owner for the portion of land that was affected by the denial of the State Water Control Board permits.  I believe that approximately 50 or more acres will not be affected for building permits based on environmental issues.
2 Should VA Beach commit taxpayer funds to the building of a Light Rail extension from the Norfolk starter line?
Lee: Not at the present time and not without another referendum in which the general population is agreeable to the development of Light Rail and understands the overall cost and business plan of the entire project.
3 Should VA Beach limit the carry of firearms beyond the existing provisions of State law?
Lee: No, I feel that State law clearly identifies the requirements and limits of both the concealed and openly displaying of a firearm.  Further restrictions on an individual by local government may violate one’s constitutional right on the issue.


4 Should VA Beach participate in any additional Public Private Partnerships for the purpose of development or tourism?
Lee: Not unless they can show a positive cash flow return for tax payers within a reasonable amount of time (unlike the current projects that have been built), and as long as the project is within the legal boundaries of a municipality to participate in as a public-private partnership.
5 Should VA Beach  participate in any further forms of Regional Government?
Lee:  No, because Virginia Beach is unique in many ways from our neighboring cities.  Our issues and solutions may not apply on a regional basis.  Open communication between neighboring cities should continue on issues such as violence and gang intervention.


6 Should VA Beach broadcast the Open Mike portions of City Council meetings on local cable TV?
Lee: I feel that they should in order to have an open and transparent government.  One person’s concern or problem may be that of many in the City.  Guidelines, however, should be established for the expected conduct of the speaker.

-Reid Greenmun

5 Responses to Election news from the Tidewater Libertarian Party

  1. Brian Kirwin says:

    Boy, do y’all got some pull or what?

    Lee Shuler got fewer votes than Keith Strausbaugh who said he was running because his dad said he needed to get a job.

    🙂 Nice 0-fer slate, TLP!

  2. Chad P says:


    I’d think that you’d be doing something more productive than trolling on the internet, considering the performance of your party this last election.


    I still cannot believe you endorsed Drake.

  3. J.R. says:

    Brian went 5-0 with candidates he consulted this election cycle…in my view, he was very productive.

  4. Reid Greenmun says:


    Marty Williams who?

    To all:

    Yup, we were trounced. Shrug. Our endorsements were given to good people. We just didn’t offer adequate support.


    You can’t believe the TLP endorsed Drake? I can’t belive Ron Paul endorsed Drake.

    We live in strange times.

  5. Chad P says:

    I’m disappointed in Ron Paul too, but I almost expected it from his camp. They’ve been acting a little shady these past 6 months.

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