Being Dressed by the Nanny State

My mother stopped dressing me when I was 5.


She felt that I was responsible enough to take this task on myself. She gave me the freedom to make my own decision. The ability to choose is an important aspect in you maturity and emotional growth. It allows you to make mistakes and to learn from them, it allows you to be become more independent, confident and self-reliant.


I’m 28 now. So, some quick math, I’ve been dressing myself for 23 years now. I’ve been making the decision of what I should wear and what I shouldn’t wear everyday without incident.


This isn’t enough to prove that I effectively do this task to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The State has less confidence in me than my mother did 23 years ago.


The powers that be have decided to implement a voting dress code for the polling booths on Nov. 4th.


The fear is when people see other people wearing paraphernalia of a candidate they don’t support, trouble will break out. When those McCain loves see people in Obama shirts, my God! There will be chaos! There will be violence in the streets!


Come on people. When someone wears a A-Rod jersey to Fenway Park, he may get jeered, but that is about it. And trust me, Yankee and Red Sox fans are more passionate about their teams than people are about presidential candidates.


The justification for this action is that the government has the power to protect voters from forceful coercion at the polling place. Okay, I’ll go along with that. Someone wearing a shirt or a button is not in anyway forceful coercion. It’s passive at best. But really, how weak minded are you if someone else’s shirt influences your vote. Is that how you picked the candidate, by the first shirt you saw? Which button was the prettiest? If so, you have no business voting. The wearing campaign paraphernalia is simply a form of self expression.


Placing controls on self expression is a tactic used by fascist to promote collective unity. The statements made by these people will be more sensitive to hide the truth about what they are doing. They claim that they just don’t want to offend anyone.


People believe the have the “right” to not hear or see anything they find offensive. Sorry, I don’t see that “right” in the Bill of Rights. I do see something about Congress not making any laws abridging the freedom of speech. I also think you should ask yourself why you are offended by someone disagreeing with you opinions.


Political correctness is the engine of nannyism. Allowing freedom of expression and even encouraging it is vital to the health of a free society. That gives them control. The more decisions they take away from you, the more dependant you become on them. The more you will have to go to them to know what to think.



5 Responses to Being Dressed by the Nanny State

  1. Reid Greenmun says:

    We can hold Gov. Tim Kaine accountable for this oppression of our freedoms – he appointed the 3 people that made this recent nanny-state decision. This is another example in a long line of examples of the trampling of our rights at the hands of non-elected government “decision-makers” who have no accountability to We, The People” – in this case the state board of elections.

    These 3 people that made this decision are:

    Chairman: Jean Cunningham
    Vice-Chair: Harold Pyon
    Secretary: Nancy Rodrigues

    I just thought you’d like to know who it is that is dictating what you can and cannot wear when you exercise your right to vote.

  2. I still wonder how this applies to my Ron Paul t-shirt, since he is no longer running. Or, for that matter, my TLP shirt, since that is a political party, not a candidate.

  3. Reid Greenmun says:

    I believe the TLP shirt would be prohibited because there is a Libertarian on the ballot.

    In the Primaries I wore my Ron Paul hoodie when i voted and no one said anything about it.

  4. Here is what I posted on Kerry Dougherty’s Virginian-Pilot Online blog that expressed her disgust with this dumb decision:

    This is another example of non-elected, all-appointed government run amuck. Just 3 people (yup, just 3 people) made this bad decision to trample our freedoms. They know they are not accountable to We, The People. They were appointed by our ‘nanny-state’ Governor, Tim Kaine.

    Friends, our government exists to protect our freedoms, not act as an all-powerful force to take away our freedoms. In part our free speech rights were documented in our Constitution because of the political oppression our Founding Fathers suffered in Europe. America is about freedom.

    This decision by 3 appointed people is obstructing our freedom of political expression AND our right to vote – it is a double whammy!

    We have Tim Kaine to thank for this tyranny. Maybe Tim needs to take a good look at the seal of Virginia? Tyranny lies prostrate beneath the foot of Virtus. Our motto? Sic Semper Tyrannis. Apparenty Tim has once again missed the point. Perhaps it is time for Virtus to use the point of her spear to gently prod our Governor into repealing this dunderhead, nanny-state tyranny?

  5. Rich Roberts says:

    I want to know where it ends. What is next?

    Soon some un-elected, un-known government agency will need to come up with some decree in order to look like they are doing something. They need to justify their own existence.

    In order to promote public safety and public unity, they will pass something restrciting the wearing on sports team jersys and hats. They will be afraid I’ll wear my Hokie clothes to a sports bar to watch a game and some Wahoo will see me and be offended.

    It’s really the same thing as this, so what is the difference?

    Maybe a 24-7 dress code is inevitable. Look at Star Trek, or most any sci-fi show. Whenever the Starship Enterpirse rolls up to a new planet, all the aliens are wearing the same thing. Of course, Star Trek liked to point out what could happen with authoritarian governments who erroded freedom by giving such examples with the various species Captain Kirk came across.

    Well, I guess I should be practical. Why fight it, just let it happen right. Maybe if I grease over the correct politicans, I can get the contract to manufacture the government mandated uniforms. That should be a good gig, gotta always look on the bright side!

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