Thoughts about the VA Senate Race

I was surprised how little information is out there about the race, other than the most recent polling data. I guess we are suppose to use this information to make a choice, follow the crowd and you will never be wrong. I try not to fall into that old trap of “group-think.”


The two frontrunners, Warner and Gilmore seem to want to keep their positions closely guarded.


But here is what I have been able to dig up.


The polls show Warner is running away with this thing. It seems highly likely that Warner would walk in step with the Democrat Party line. I find this very disturbing since the leadership in the Democrat Party under Pelosi, Reid, Dean, and now Obama is socialist.


Gilmore is also unlikely to break party lines, and with the Republicans becoming bigger and bigger spenders and growers of government, I have trouble supporting him. The Senate needs leaders, not followers.


Gilmore has taken issue with opposing the “bailout”. He didn’t say anything about it before it passed and before he began dropping in the polls. Since the bill is unpopular, his opposition seems more political motivated to me. Warner’s position on the bailout is a simply, “I don’t know how I fell about it.” Again, more lack of leadership.


It is hard to say what either will actually do for the Commonwealth of Virginia. During their first debate, they agreed on continuing the interventionist foreign policies currently employed by the Bush Administration. They called for more nation-building efforts by our military. The only thing they did disagree on was whether Pakistan or Iran was the bigger threat. Virginia wasn’t even mentioned.


Gail Parker’s only platform is her call for a high speed rail system to be created throughout Virginia. There is no way to say this other that it is completely stupid. Sorry. If you need proof about the potential of a nationalized rail public transportation system, just look at the success of AMTRAK. If there was demand for such a system, one of the railroads would have built it and made money on it. I am sure she thinks running at a deficit and subsidizing the losses with taxpayer money will be justified since it will save the planet. I think the planet will be just fine without a passenger rail system in VA.


Then there is Bill Redpath. I’ve met Bill and I am a supporter of his. I was able to find three quotes of his that sum up what he is all about.


“My role is not to further the interest of specific localities. Rather my goal is to limit the power of the federal government and protect the negative rights of citizens.”

(negative rights – I have to not do something for you)


“If you position the federal government as an agent for good instead of an agent of justice, you are giving them access to every nook and cranny of people’s lives.”


“It is dangerous for the federal government to concern itself with morality instead of with jusice. There will be a propensity to confuse right with legal and wrong with illegal.”


Principled leaders who stick to their principles are the types of people we need to send to Washington to represent our Commonwealth. We don’t need to send followers who will bow to politics and special interests.


3 Responses to Thoughts about the VA Senate Race

  1. Mikey says:

    Gilmore has taken issue with opposing the “bailout”. He didn’t say anything about it before it passed and before he began dropping in the polls

    Actually, there’s been no drop. Gilmore’s been down by 20-30% since this race began.

  2. Don Tabor says:

    Sadly, as respected as Warner is, within 6 months in office he will be just another Harry Reid acolyte, just as Webb has become for all his claimed independence.

    The Democrats, for all their failings, have amazing party discipline.

  3. Rich Roberts says:

    Well, you can look a Liebermann to see what happens if you challenge the elite of the Democratic Party.

    No person of principle could survive under their regime.

    I wonder why the Virginia Pilot ran an article profiling Gilmore and didn’t profile Redpath or Parker. All three seem to ahve the same chance at winning.

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