The Obamanation is coming.

As to the probable outcome of our next administration under President Obama  – the DEMS/Socialist Party will go hogwild as they rapidly begin to implement their vision of “Change”. Left unchecked, the pain will be swift and dreadful for those that have not openly sworn to submit to the new Obamanation and their armies of “Community Organizers”.


Soon society will break down and internal civil unrest will erupt due to unchecked crime and the the foolish liberals too quickly opening the prisons to ‘free’ all of the “blacks and minorities” that were “unjustly” placed in incarceration for the crimes they were convicted of by a jury of “racists”.


The freeloaders will demand massive redistribution of whatever table scraps of wealth remain behind after to collapse of the global markets. The engines of productivity will swiftly grind to a halt.


The new Obama Administration will have every urban center soon resembling the Superdome in New Orleans the day after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita worked their magic.


On the bright side, the majority of the 20M “hard working” illegal immigrants from Mexico will flee back across the border, into Mexico in abject fear of the new armies of the raising Aztec “bronze nation” (La MEChA Latino gangs will lay claim to much of the west. In the other urban centers, other racial gangs will quickly lay claim to their territories, battling each other and soon over whelming what little “law enforcement’ has not yet fled to the safety of the “rural out lands”. So, ironically, Obama’s plans for dealing with illegal immigration will turn out to be much better than McCain’s amnesty plan.


Soon, much like in South Africa when the black farmers went on wild rampages murdering the white farmers – the urban underclass will spill out into the once affluent suburbs. History will eventually record that this violent mob had become our generation of “Vandals”; pillaging and burning. They will sweep the countryside in armed pick up trucks and SUVs, brutally claiming their “reparations” for the “sins of slavery”. They will fly a white banner with the red, white, and blue Obama “O” logo on it. The only force to even attempt to stand and fight them will be the hard working citizens of the Hispanic “communities” they encounter along the way. But they too will soon be overwhelmed in this battles due to vastly superior weaponry in the hands of the well-armed urban gang forces.


None of our “foreign allies” will come to our aide. Europe will smugly sit by, watching it all on their evening news. No troops to lead a liberating “D-day” invasion will ever come to our shores from Europe. But, military forces from South America will mobilize and head north – to “stabilize the Americas” they will tell the new United Nations, relocated to the safe haven of Australia. In a really strange twist of fate they will be invading what was once the United States under a UN mandate as “peace keepers”!


On a humorous note, Canada will finally close and defend their borders – but not to prevent terrorists from entering into the United States, rather to prevent fleeing families from the United States from crossing into their territory! The irony will be hard to swallow for those surviving Americans left behind. What is left of the Main Stream Media will gleefully broadcast the carnage until they are finally knocked off the air when the nationwide power grid flickers – and goes out. It will be many years before it can be repaired.


Of course Fox News will have been bombed, burned, and gutted with the first few weeks of the wide scale urban “unrest” once the money and food supplies run out in the U.S. “Talk Radio” will have been silenced early on in the Obama Administration by an Executive Order. The internet will no longer be used by pre-Obamanation non-Liberal survivors as a source of “Free Speech” due to their fear of incarceration and retribution in the hands of government sponsored “community organized” “unity forces” being deployed to end the “hate speech” and “promote unity for the greater good’. That will include this blog too.


Not to worry:


Sure, it will take a generation or two after the fall of the U.S. But from the ashes of anarchy and hell a new generation of hardened American patriots will slowly rise to reclaim at least half of what will then be known by the rest of the Global landscape as the “former United States”.


4 Responses to The Obamanation is coming.

  1. Rich Roberts says:

    I’m a little more opptomistic.

    I’m only predicitng a Jimmy Carter like economy and the resurrection of the “misery index”

    We should be able to pull out of that in a gerneration or so.

  2. Don Tabor says:

    I’m beginning to think that each generation must endure its Carter before it will accept a Reagan.

    With control of both houses of Congress, Obama and the socialists will drive it into the ground so quickly that the GOP will regain the House at mid term and Obama will be a lame duck the remainder of his single term.

    What we need to do is to find a Libertarian voice in those 4 years that will serve as the next Reagan.

  3. reidgreenmun says:

    You guys do know I was being overly dramic for effect, right?

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