NRA Loves McCain……Really?????

I say again…..really??????


This prompted me to do further introspection into McCain’s history when it comes to gun control. I found the history to be fairly duplicitous.


I am not sure is McCain has changed his mind, can’t make up his mind, or is ebbing with the political flow.


Back in the late ‘90s, McCain supported legislation that would require a special license from the federal government in order to hold a gun show. This license could be denied without reason. There was no time limit for approval, so they could suspend you in limbo. All of which wouldn’t make gun shows illegal, just make it almost impossible for them to occur.


He rallied behind Democrats to require background checks at gun shows.


He sponsored a bill in 2004 that would outlaw the private sale of firearms at gun shows. This was considered a huge triumph by anti-gun organizations.


Statistics show that of the prison inmates who committed a crime with a gun, 0.7% of those guns were obtained at gun shows. These actions he took did not target criminals; it targeted your right to bear arms.


He then went on to try and band certain types on inexpensive hand-guns as well as assault weapons. He mandated the use of trigger locks.


His finance reform bill limits the NRA’s ability to support pro-gun rights supporters and to communicate candidate positions prior to elections.


Then around 2007, everything changed.


McCain voted to loosen restrictions on assault weapons and certain types of ammunition.


He voted yes to allow firearms in national parks.


He called for GOP “tolerance” of the “gun show loophole” which involves the private transaction of firearms. He also voted no to requiring background checks at gun shows, a clear change in position.


He said gun manufacturers should not be liable for crimes committed with the guns they produce.


He worked to repeal federal restrictions on law-abiding citizen’s ability to buy a gun while increasing penalties for those who commit crimes with guns.


His lifetime rating by the NRA is C+, since sometimes he supports the second amendments, sometimes he doesn’t.


So, this endorsement really caught me off guard.


Obviously, the NRA and any gun owner would want no part of Senator Obama. He would love nothing other than to take a jar of white out, cover up the second amendment, and pretend it never existed.


Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin are out there with long records of supporting the rights of gun owners. Barr is even a board member of the NRA. Either one of them (if not both) would seem to be more likely candidates for an NRA endorsement. However, it seems the NRA is also droned into the American political duopoly. They can only see two options, so they pick what they perceive as the “lesser of two evils”.


I didn’t really expect the NRA to endorse Barr or Baldwin. In the past they have not made an endorsement of any candidate when neither had a solid track record on supporting the rights of gun owners. That is what I was expected.


Maybe they know something I don’t. I hope so.


I hope McCain doesn’t revert to his older gun positions if he gets into office.  


5 Responses to NRA Loves McCain……Really?????

  1. Don Tabor says:

    What bothers me most is that the NRA not only will not endorse a Libertarian, they won’t even list us or grade our survey responses.

    In my run for the VA Senate last year, I returned my survey which reflected a 100% pro 2nd Amendment position on all issues.

    The VCDL endorsed me over the GOP incumbent Harry Blevins, but the NRA endorsed Blevins and did not even include my name on their candidate list, showing Blevins as both endorsed and unopposed.

    What is worst of all is that Blevins is really anti-gun. His voting record is a sham. He votes with the NRA in those instances when a measure will either certainly pass or fail no matter how he votes, but in those cases when his vote would have mattered, he voted consistently anti-gun!

    That makes the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action not only anti-Libertarian but easily duped as well.

  2. Rich Roberts says:

    When I was trying to find things out about how people voted on gun related issues, The NRA website was one of the first places I went. They have no useful information on bills and voting records. This was very suprising to me. I had to find other sources.

    I think the NRA is more a GOP publicity platform than a gun owner rights organization.

    This endorsement proved that to me.

    Once again, America decided to live with the “lesser of the two evils”. The “lesser of the two evils” is still evil!

  3. Reid Greenmun says:

    I wonder how long it will be before our government begins to collect all registered fire arms?

  4. Don Tabor says:

    I don’t know, but I have plenty of unregistered ones.

  5. Reid Greenmun says:

    No comment.

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