Sessoms Epitomizes C.R.E.A.M.

The prophetic words of the Wu-Tang Clan clearly state:


“Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M! Get the money, dolla’ dolla’ bill y’all.”


Will Sessoms really seems to take these words to heart. According to, the campaign contributions raised by each of the VB Mayoral candidates look like this:


Sessoms – $529,167

Taylor – $75,387

Oberndorf – $46,503

Moss – $19,678


Sessoms’ top donor, Jack Rabbit Inc, kicked in $16,500 by themselves, almost exceeding everything John Moss has been able to pull in.


Sessoms has a ton of corporate sponsorship, even receiving contributions from companies like Supervalu, which is based in Minneapolis.


We all know Mayor Oberndorf likes to siphon money off to the special interest and after looking through Sessom’s donor list, I’m willing to bet he is ready to do the same.


I haven’t figured out what Sessoms’ is actually doing with all the money he is ranking in. He doesn’t seem to have more signs out there as anybody else. Maybe we’ll see him run television or radio adds. Maybe he is remodeling his kitchen or buying some Bling-Bling. I’m not sure.


John Moss doesn’t have any corporate sponsorship. Only people who don’t want to see thier tax dollars thrown away to corporate lobbyist. Sorry John, I’ll tell people about you and spread the word, but I don’t have 10 grand to give you like Sessom’s banker buddies.


4 Responses to Sessoms Epitomizes C.R.E.A.M.

  1. Reid Greenmun says:

    The largest industry to contribute to Will Sessoms has been the real estate industry. One can only wonder whom it is that should Mr. Sessoms win the mayor’s chair, he will be serving?

    While he is a Republican, John Moss is clearly the closest choice for mayor to a Libertarian that we have.

    Mayor Oberndorf is a Democrat. As such, she should benefit a great deal from the surge in new voters going to cast their ballots for Barack Obama.

    Ken Golden informs me that Scott Taylor, Will Sessoms, and John Moss are all Republicans.

    However, City Council races and BOS races do not indicate a party for the choices, so unless the local Democratic Party has been hammering home the point that Meyera is a Democrat, many new voters may not know this.

    Clearly the stunning amount of money given to Will Sessoms by the local business and out of state business communities should sound alarm bells for beach taxpayers.

    The only question is – can such an alarm be heard above the noise of a very contentious Presidential race and the reality that we live in a swing state?

    Not too likely.

    I noticed that the Chamber of Commerce headged their bets – they endorced Meyera Oberndorf and Will Sessoms.

    For taxpayers that should bring the race down to only Scott Taylor and John Moss. Whomever the Chamber wants will not be good for taxpayers.

    Between Scott Taylor and John Moss the choice is clear – JOHN MOSS is far better qualified to lead our city than Scott Talyor. John Moss has already served as a City Council member. He manages billion dollar budgets in his professional life. He has served as the president of the Virginia Beach Taxpayer’s Alliance for a very long time. Scott Talyor simply does not have the experience that is needed to lead our city through the very serious and hard budget times ahead.

    One need only look to the issue of Light Rail along the Norfolk Southern right of way. Scott Taylor supports wasting hundreds of millions of our tax funds on this low volume developer boondoggle. John Moss understands that taxpayers require a retrun on investment for our money – and that Light rail project is not it. John Moss appreciates the need for our city to back off from their addiction to spending increases and endless borrowing – taking on far too much debt then we can handle in the current economic melt down.

    An economic meltdown John warned the City Council about for many years.

  2. Rich Roberts says:

    Great post Reid.

    I know, John Moss does seem to be the clear choice.

    Yet, he seems to be a long shot at this point, which is very disappointing.

    Anybody have some suggestions on how we can help turn things around?

    I wonder is Sessoms can catch Bob Barr in regard to campaign contributions.

  3. reidgreenmun says:

    CREAM is what Sessoms $$$$ did to the rest of the filed! Sessoms is the new Mayor of Developerville Virginia! Long live the special interests! All hail Lord Sessoms!

  4. Chad P says:

    Sessoms spent a bit over $7.13 for each of his votes. To compare, Moss would have needed about $48,000 to equal Sessoms’ performance.

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