Logical Absurdities in Frederick case

Today, in the Virginia Pilot, the results of an interview of a criminal back in February were printed at last, confirming previous suspicions that the search warrant for Ryan Frederick’s home and garage were obtained unlawfully.

As it now appears, the prosecution’s case for premeditation rests entirely on the testimony of this criminal informant.  Given the logical absurdity of the premise of his story, as relayed by both the Pilot and Prosecutor Richard Conway, that Frederick was smart enough to deduce from the burglary that the police would becoming and then called the informant to warn him he would ambush the police, which is hardly something one would wish to tell a known informant, this may be the first case in which the prosecutors plead insanity.

At the risk of rehashing previous postings, I want to review the logical absurdities we are now being asked to accept.

  • Police investigated Frederick for two months prior to the raid, but never checked to see if his lifestyle reflected the additional income a major drug manufacturing business would bring in, nor did surveillance to determine if  customers were visiting the location.
  • A magistrate issued a warrant fully informed of how the informant came to know the supposed contents of Frederick’s garage.  (If so, the magistrate should be removed from office and prosecuted.)
  • The informant/burglar who was working with the police for two months spontaneously decided to break into Frederick’s garage three days before the raid, and stole half of the still unspecified amount of marijuana he found there but left the rest. Where is the half that was taken?
  • Frederick was smart enough to deduce from this that the police would be coming but dumb enough to warn the informant before the raid that he would resist.
  • He was smart enough to get rid of the plants before the raid, but dumb enough to keep the magazines and misdemeanor amount of pot in his house.
  • Having gotten rid of the felony evidence of cultivation, he decided instead of letting them search and write him a ticket for misdemeanor possession, he would go to war with a large number of heavily armed policemen with a low powered handgun, with no hope of gaining anything by doing so.

Finally, the greatest absurity of all, that the prosecutor actually believes this to a just case and that he is adhering to his oath of office.


3 Responses to Logical Absurdities in Frederick case

  1. reidgreenmun says:

    What a great “law enforcement” process for working around the Constitutional requirement of searching a private home only with a warrent granted by a judge, based on probable cause; simply hire criminals to search the private home first – and then get a warrant once the criminals steal the evidence the police want in order to get a warrant to “search”!

    Can you believe this?

  2. John Wilburn says:

    The VP interviewed Mr. Trumbull, at the Chesapeake jail, in February. Seven months ago. If there is any truth in this story, the CPD has blatantly violated the law, by directing criminals to burglarize private property, in order to circumvent the fourth amendment (protection against unreasonable search & seizure).

    Mr. Ebert, in an obvious attempt to protect the CPD, wants a change of venue, claiming that “speculation in the media,” precludes the commonwealth from getting a “fair trial.” (Does the term “obstruction of justice” mean anything to you, Mr. Ebert?)

    The VP, whose obligation is to keep the public informed about the activities of government, chose to remain silent for seven months, which facilitated the illegal activities of our “heroes” in baby blue.

    Or is the VP just giving the city of Chesapeake plenty of rope, so that it can hang itself?

    We wonders, aye, we wonders…

  3. John Wilburn says:

    My mistake – it should be “Mr. Turnbull” not “Mr. Trumbull.”

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