Shameless Self Promotion

I coach 10U girls softball, which has kept me from posting as much as I like the last couple of months, either here or at InFrequently Asked Questions. Now that the All-star tournament season has ended, I have more time to read the news and blog about it, and in the week since, I’ve encountered a bumper crop of stories that should leave no doubt that we have a police state. Not a police state on the rise, but a current and furiously active one.

These stories should make clear the resemblance of our current government to Orwell’s 1984. The Ministry of Peace makes war; the Misnistry of Truth tells lies. Cops receive medals for terrorizing a family even they admit was innocent of anything.

No wonder so many people are ready to support secession. Personally, I’ve thrown in the towel on government altogether. I no longer care about having a sovereign nation. I’d prefer a nation of sovereigns.


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