Thoughts on the 4th, is it time for Atlas to Shrug?

I’m never in a good mood on the 4th. It is too tempting to compare unfavorably the America of today, sliding inexorably to socialism, with the Founders who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to a noble experiment with self government.

In only four months, we will choose between an egomaniac and a Marxist to be President of the Republic the Founders risked their lives to give us. How are we to apologize to them for allowing this to happen?

Jefferson warned us that it was the natural order of things for government to grow at the expense of Liberty and that it would be necessary to have a revolution every fifty years or so to restore government to its proper, limited, role. He hoped that might be done peaceably, but he also warned that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” But is that really the only way?

If there has been any other in modern times who understood the nature of Liberty as Jefferson did, it would be Ayn Rand. And, in Atlas Shrugged , she offered a way to bring down an overreaching government without a bloody revolution. Maybe that time has come.

In today’s world, it would not be necessary to flee to a hidden Galt’s Gulch to bring this nation to a grinding halt and have the masses begging for the capable to come back and set things right. All it would take would be for the hated top 5% of taxpayers to simultaneously take six months off. We could just close our businesses and practices, lay off our employees, stop earning income to be taxed, and live off of our savings for six months to a year while the rest of the country tries to fend for itself.

It would be expensive to take off half a year, but not nearly so costly as a bloody revolution, and the lesson would be clear.

Pretty much all small business would be closed, medical and dental care would be a do-it-yourself proposition, with nurses and assistants all that would be available to handle people’s needs. Large, stockholder owned businesses would be open, but the management would be absent and all the shipping clerks and cashiers who think they know how to run their employer’s businesses would get a chance to find out.

Government employees would be at work, so those who think government is the solution to everything would get a chance to see why it is not.

Anyway, it’s something to think about. What happens when the envied and hated top 5% finally has enough and takes its ball and goes home?


One Response to Thoughts on the 4th, is it time for Atlas to Shrug?

  1. Atlas is doing a bit of shrugging already, Doc. Heard of the Free State Project? It isn’t the top five percent of income earners, but the early movers already having an effect in New Hampshire. The cops and courts don’t want to mess with them, because they’re so successful at challenging victimlesss crimes. After a few Free Staters were recently detained by a cop in Guilford questioning them about their weapons (they were open carrying), they raised so much dust that the mayor ordered training for the police regarding the state constitution.

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